RIP, George HW Bush: a mass-murderer and war-criminal


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RIP George H.W. Bush, the last fiscally responsible Republican president.


It’s almost like the Republican party keeps realizing what terrible things their Commanders-in-chief have done, but the only way to make the previous (R) president look less horrible is by electing someone far worse the next time. Not that there haven’t been (D) war criminals, the Democrats just don’t seems to be following quite the same race-to-the-bottom reputational ponzi scheme…


That Bush the Elder can be portrayed with a straight face as a “kinder, gentler” Republican sounds the seemingly endless depths to which this party has sunk since he was in office.


Thank you for the headline, @doctorow ! All the genuflection going on in the papers to the augustness of abuses of past presidential power is really difficult for me to stomach.


It is never too soon for some people.


This is why we can’t have nice things.

hey @doctorow is there ANY president or world leader you can’t find something to shit on about them? Any other day you can feel free to rip apart whatever terrible things they have done…but on the day they are being put in the ground how about showing a little fucking class.


But Bush wasn’t a good president, full stop. That the man has passed away does not negate that reality.


I never said he was or wasn’t. Any other day we can debate that.

He was an elected President of the United States…he is being buried today. full stop. We can have some respect for the office regardless of the man and take a time out from postings like this.


You can bet your ass that the day Hair Gropenfurher goes under for his dirt nap I will be dancing a jig and cheering wildly.

They’re going to have to build a wall around his tomb to keep people from pissing on it.


That is true.

Regarding ‘respect’; I have nothing more to say on the subject, simply because my Gram raised me not to speak ill of the dead.


In my experience, respect is earned - not automagically inherited due to some transitive property.



My Gram raised me to have wheels to take myself away.


I think that’s my point right there. yesterday…tomorrow…this post doesn’t rub me wrong. Today? I think is the day we don’t need to say anything at all. /agreed

@MikeKStar I am 100% in agreement…but on the day he is buried I will stay silent.

@drpfenderson We salute the rank, not the man. While I certainly do not hold respect for our current POTUS…I still respect the office he unfortunately holds.



That sounds more like a fear of death than a form of respect. If a person deserves no respect in life, there is no reason to respect them in death either.


Alternatively, not talking shit about someone on the day of their funeral is simply good manners, and perhaps the opportunity to be the better person, just for a day.


This seems like a balanced, nuanced take.