To understand the future sainthood of Donald J Trump, just look at George W Bush

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Note that Dick Cheney still pops up from time to time to remind you that he remains pure unrepentant evil.


American conservative politics over the last 45 years has been nothing if not a reputational race to the bottom.



Bush 2.0 still isn’t anywhere near “a saint,” he still wasn’t a good president and being marginally less horrible than the current clusterfuck in office still doesn’t make his piss poor performance as a world leader any better.


Bullshit, not me! This piece of trash will never be forgiven. Unfortunately, I also knew during his tenure that he would be remembered fondly. I was actually shocked that the “Arab Spring” wasn’t credited to his foolish adventuring in Iraq inspiring the other populations to revolt.

Also, let us not forget that, although the invasion of Iraq was predicated on a fabrication, the invasion of Afghanistan was pure bloodlust and equally reprehensible, if not more so. But he didn’t have to bend the will of the people for that one, so we conveniently forget the root justifications.


Right there with you. To me he won’t be anything other than Prince Bush, figurehead of the Cheney Regency.


To understand the future sainthood of Donald J tRump



Bush the lesser is a piece of shit, he was a piece of shit and will be a piece of shit in the future, and he still is, at least over here in Europe, as popular as a dead and partly decomposed rat. So is Reagan. Both of them are better than the Orange Bastard, but thats not saying much, an enemea with glas shards and tabasco is better than the OB. I doubt very much that most people in the US will keep him in a found memory.
I, for one, can´t wait that this nightmare is over, one way or another.


I knew Bush would get off. He comes across as simple minded and is at times funny, America happily forgave him (and in doing so forgave themselves) for the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other stupid, evil shit he/they did.


Please stop speaking of us as if we are monolithic.

I haven’t ‘forgiven’ Dubya for anything; and it’s unlikely that I ever will.

And I’m not the only US citizen who feels that way.


the same dark forces that coughed up Trump will cough up worse-than-Trumps in the years to come

No way.

Bush was helped immensely in large part because he was so likeable. Bush Sr. isn’t as fondly remembered because he had no charisma.

Nixon is mostly remembered for his criminal acts. No sainthood for him and yet you think Trump will be sainted?

Of course, there’s always the possibility that he could pull a Jimmy Carter and be such an excellent ex-president that Americans grow to respect him, but that’s about as likely as a Revelations-style rapture happening in his lifetime.


We haven’t had another 9/11, a new Patriot Act, another major invasion of a foreign country.

Most of the awful things we’re afraid Trump might do are things Bush actually did.


But so what? Once they make it through their terms, presidents are untouchable, but by a similar token no longer relevant. Bush wasn’t as bad as Trump — or maybe he was worse — but he’s not going to pay for it or be in a position of authority again. Does it actually matter what W’s exact position on the scale of awfulness is? It’s Trump we have to worry about. And then his successors, when they become relevant.

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45 has only been in office 18 months, whereas W had a full 8 years.

I shudder to think what the ‘score-card’ for individual horrible deeds will look like come 2020.


There’s a trick to that.

How the media isn’t pointing out that the withdrawl from the Iran deal is Trumps bid for re-election is inexcusable. Just like with Bush, we always blindly re-elect wartime presidents.
Why else would he appoint John “War in Iran before 2019” Bolton as his National Security Advisor?
Trump closed a deal on several properties in Saudi Arabia (of 9/11 terrorist fame) which is code for “I laundered a lot of money for the Saudis”. That’s worth noting because the Saudis hate Iran and have been in a proxy war with them for a while now. Like most people with money, they don’t want to spend their money on this war much less their blood so they’ll just get us to do it. The arms dealers in the U.S. and around the world will all get a fat payday, hundreds of thousands will die, but Trump will get re-elected. After all, when have we not re-elected a war time president? Oh yeah, never. Not once has a war time president failed a re-election bid.


The “Arab Spring” that was a pointless disaster that accomplished almost nothing and led to enormous pain and death? The “Arab Spring” that liberated … Tunisia, I guess? Oh, we can give them that one. No problem. Very much a credit to the foolish adventuring.

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Or stated another way: everyone is worried that the guy in office is going to ruin the world, or at least the country. Once he’s out of office for a few years and the country is still in one piece, he’s retroactively, “not that bad, I guess.” Because you got through it and you’re busy worrying about the new guy.

Pretty much the only President who won’t get a pass in the long-run is the one that actually causes the state to fail on his watch.


I’m not so sure. Trump just doesn’t know how to shut up. He’ll keep saying awful things to keep getting attention- and up the ante on how awful when it doesn’t work as well as it did when he was in office.


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