Democrat voters fondly recall presidency of George W. Bush


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Mr. Overton to the window please…


Too many crimes to list them all without an epic post, but see this thread:




Funny, I was just looking forward to a day in the distant future when I can piss on his grave. It’s the only justice he’s ever going to have to face, so I’m really anticipating it. He does seem quaint compared to Trump now, but… favorable? Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with these Democrats?


1 anti-Trump tweet = 1,000,000 Iraqi lives



Cancer has a funny way of making you miss a cold.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")


Not this Democrat. Not now, not ever.


As much as I hate Dubya (although as the article suggests not as much as our current president), the use of “democratic” rather than “democrat” to describe the party is a bit dishonest. But then so is the term “Republican”. Neither party should have been given such generic terms. I like countries where the parties are given honest “liberal” vs “conservative” names.



Just because W. is less unbelievably-fucking-horrible than 45 is, that still doesn’t make him “good.”

Some people’s “bar” is so ‘low,’ it might as well be buried 6 feet under at the bottom of Death Valley…

Majority of Democrats now hold favorable views of mass-murdering simpleton George W Bush
To understand the future sainthood of Donald J Trump, just look at George W Bush

Fixed that for ya.


It isn’t dishonest, it is the name of the party. You can argue with their choice of name, but it had a purpose back in the day, and it was descriptive, not an attempt to trick anyone.

The truncation to “Democrat” is an intentional slur that way precedes W, and while Rob gets a pass for using it since he’s not from around these parts, he shouldn’t use it, lest people mistake him for a Rush Limbaugh fan.


Was it descriptive? Before FDR it certainly wasn’t the party of the people as the name implies. Arguably not until LBJ, honestly.


Oh, give him time.


What I’m getting here seems half baked.


The thing is, those of us who remember Reagan thought things had reached a nadir then. Probably the case for Nixon as well, although I wasn’t old enough, and in retrospect ignoring Watergate and Vietnam, Nixon was probably to the left of most current candidates of either party.



Oh, I’m old enough to remember Reagan wasn’t the perfect patron saint of all things conservative; like the GOP likes to pretend he was, with an extra thick coating of sugar and rose-colored nostalgia.


Trump makes me wistful for fucking Nixon.