Democrat voters fondly recall presidency of George W. Bush

Until Trump officially kicks off his nuclear holocaust, I’m still holding W as our worst modern president. A sizable chunk of what is troubling about Trump is what his words and actions are leading to. W started a war that killed a million human beings and brought back torture and detention without trial as American policy positions. That isn’t the type of thing I can brush off because he isn’t as anti-immigrant as the rest of his party.


I don’t think I ever hated Bush as a person, he seemed like a nice enough guy who was just not very inquisitive or intelligent, and in wayyyyy over his head.

Dick Cheney on the other hand. . . .

Bush still has blood on his hands, but only because the “smart people” he surrounded himself with were actually heartless, manipulative ideologues.

Don’t hate the dummy, hate the ventriloquist.


Okay, give Pence time then. Either way, I see things getting easily as bad or worse as Bush. Not that I’m standing up for Bush in any way. Did I mention the grave pissing?


At least he would call the next day!


I hate the whole stinkin’ system.



Australia’s Liberal Party is its conservative party.


Just as George W. Bush was so bad that he made everyone nostalgic for the days of Reagan.


It evolved out of the “Democratic-Republican” party, which started as the “Republican” party (not to be confused with the present one with the same name) but the other major party, the Federalists, started labeling them “Democratic” because of Jefferson’s support for opening up the system. It was meant as a slur, but the party embraced it and then the faction that split off kept “Democratic Party” as the name.


I think they forgot an “H.” in their headline.

Right? Right??!?? Oh someone tell me they forgot an H.


Only because the multiple attempts at a Conservative party failed.

while i mostly agree with you there are two notable things 45 is doing currently:

  • weaponizing ice, border patrol, and the dhs.
  • deconstructing the executive branch while simultaneously paralyzing congress and appointing trump minded judges.

the first is already causing real harm to real people. because racism, hooray.

the second isn’t causing harm today, but no matter who we elect next - assuming that’s still a thing - it’s going to be a long road back to normal.

the republicans have always been about breaking the budget to fix it – to force it to change into the small government they want.

trump is pretty much out of the same handbook. putting foxes in the coup, cutting revenue while increasing spending, draining key agencies of their knowledge and expertise.

such things are easier to break than fix.


The Dems hobby of shooting off their own feet certainly survived 2016.


Reagan era:

Update the guitar and very slightly tweak the lyrics and it could’ve been written yesterday


So I take it that you aren’t Vietnamese, Cambodian or Laotian?

Nixon murdered millions.


They’re liberal to conservative.

There’s no dishonesty in their name; liberalism has always been a centre-right ideology. It’s the party of capitalism, one small step to the left of the aristocratic conservatives.


I didn’t like his policies. I didn’t like his wars. I certainly didn’t appreciate the Great Recession.

But under Bush, I never once thought I was going to die in a nuclear holocaust while rotting in an internment camp for not being the right kind of white. The chance of this happening is too far from 0% under Trump.


Which highlights the key new feature of the current administration.

Under Trump, the treatment that was previously reserved for poor/foreign/non-white people is now being extended to all non-fascists.


For a sitting president it’s probably fair to conflate “favorable view of person” with “approval of person’s presidency”.

For an ex-president, no. Look at Jimmy Carter, for example - lots of people like him, think he’s a good person, admire his charity work, but also think he was a shit president. He gets +20 in favorability polls but views of his presidency haven’t gotten all that much better over the years.

I don’t think it’s at all fair to say that Democrats who currently express a favorable view of GWB “fondly recall” his presidency.


Any other reprehensible shitbags wanna step up and rehabilitate their image by making the right noises about Giant Douche?

Come on folks, you’ve nothing to lose! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


Except they’re not always that honest… our conservative party is the ‘Liberal’ Party.

They’re ostensibly for individual liberty but if that was ever true it hasn’t been for a long time. It’s all about neoliberalism and cultural conservatism.