Former Democrat Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear explains his party's position

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Democratic Governor of Kentucky

“Democrat Governor” is what Republicans say, outside of Congress, when they want to be assholes.

At the risk of being pedantic: The adjective is “Democratic.” The noun is “Democrat.” Using the noun-form for the adjective is pejorative. Republicans know they are doing it when they are doing it. In formal settings, or when Democrats present, you’ll never hear them do it. Once you’re attuned to it, the pejorative never goes unnoticed, and Republics know this.

Well, “Demoncrat” is just outright namecalling. What’s so insidious about Democrat/Democratic, is that it appears so innocuous and they can always look at you blankly if you correct them. It’s a “What? I’m not touching you. Mommy, I’m not touching him!”– as their finger is inches from your face.

There’s nothing inherently “good” or “bad” either Democrat or Democratic, it’s just all about context. The same way using “Jew” [used as an adjective] is pejorative if it’s used where “Jewish” would be correct.

Well… I thought it possible you’d erred honestly. The epithet is getting so common, MSNBC talking heads not infrequently mix it up.

As someone who is unnaturally triggered by this, I want it to happen, but I dont think it will. Republicans are just too good at their ability to sneer when they say it. As a Republican, you don’t just say “Democrat Governor”; you have to say “Democrat Governor.” If/when Democrats should start adopting the usage, it will just add to their glee, that Democrats themselves are using the GOP’s own dogwhistles.

Nothing would have pleased me more than for someone like Harry Reid (D-NV) to have done this.


clasps hands around face in horror

You don’t say!


Exactly…he’s not " Former Democrat Governor", he’s " Former Democratic Governor".

The GOP began calling the the party the “Demoncrat Party” in a way to demean it and to, somehow, imply that it’s not “democratic”. Their studies obviously showed that their base dislikes the term “democrat” but the word “democratic” is a good word…thus they strive to call it the “Democrat Party”.


We really should get rid of the 2 party system, and switch to the One Question system.

The question should be: Should the rich get richer at the expense of the poor?

Then you will have the Yes party and the No party. You do not get an independant option.


Well demons are bad aren’t they?

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Lately, as a shorthand for ‘Republican’ or ‘conservative’ I just use the word asshole.
Anyone that supports Hair Twittler is an asshole.
I could further shorten it to ahole, but I wouldn’t want to offend.


Speaking of political party slander, I am reminded of the 2000 “subliminal rats” fiasco:

“Fiasco” seems more accurate than “scandal”, since nothing seemed to come of the matter (not that anything comes from most scandals).

Update: “Subliminal Rats” would be a great punk rock band name. Somebody take action, I will sign over all rights.

Update 2: Link:


It was always kinda wonk talk and maybe has lost its meaning and power to genericide.


As has been mentioned this usage has entered the common vernacular.
I don’t use it but many do.

It makes me angry, but maybe somewhat less than many other things.

he wasted it trying to appeal to Drumpf voters, because the only way mainstream Democrats can imagine electoral victory is by winning over white men suffering from “economic anxiety” and other euphemisms.

Rather than repeat keystrokes…


I’m lost… how is this connected to Biden?


That’s when you should kick them in the nuts.

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Brought to you by last nights insomnia.


Brought to us by and :slight_smile:

Many years ago, during one of my annual sojourns back to NYC, my mom took me to visit one of my cousins living in Bushwick. As we were about to enter his building, a street dealer came up to us and asked if we wanted to buy anything off him. My mom looked the guy straight in the eye and said, “Why don’t you sell to your mother.” He just turned around and went on his way. She grew up with six brothers, you see.


Hahahaha, moms.

When I was 10 we went to Hawaii. I forget why but we had a short time we needed to walk around the downtown area of the main island. I was walking along the curb when, a hari krishna offered me a bag of popcorn and almost at the same time a prostitute gave me a big smile and said hi (just being nice or trying to make me blush). I felt my mom grab my hand and then I swear I was teleported a good 12 feet. I don’t think my feet even touched the ground. it took my brain a moment to realize what had happened and then I felt embarrassed.


Man, at least if we knew that they were genuine demons (rather than very misguided and selfish humans) I’d be able to explain a lot of political “logic”.

Let’s fight name calling with equally clever (read early grade school) level quips: “the Re-poo-blican paty!” The GOoP (because your pants are goopy because you pooped them).

(and these people are actually in charge of important decisions…)

Compared to?

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I wish Rob would publish his writing more often. Even though so much of it sails right over a lot of readers’ heads.


They can kick ass sometimes.

PS: My fantasized Turns out that it actually exists!! Sheeee-it!