Rep. Jamie Raskin schools Rep. Lauren Boebert again: Democrat vs. Democratic 101

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She thought about it and came up with a come back…


I assume, by this, she means outlawing the Republican party, banning books that feature straight protagonists, throwing out churches, yeah, I agree, she will be waiting a very long time.


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Weird projection. Reminds me that accusations from the GOP are confessions.


“Add Jectives? Nouns? This is like one of those pronouns you people keep going on about, isn’t it? You’re all just making stuff up again.”

Look, I am not going to say anything negative about people with GEDs. I know some people that have them that are articulate, intelligent, constant readers, and well informed. It just seems like some people essentially get them by not even learning the lessons that they would have learned in the high school they didn’t attend.


She should know that the adverb is “democratically” not just “democratic”


Let’s not start harping on her grammar. Raskin already did that better than we can.

Let’s do, however, mock her mercilessly for coming up with her response hours later. You just know she was kicking herself. “Damn it, why didn’t I think of that then! I’ll get you, Jamie Raskin, you just wait. My next insult will be DEVASTATING. You’re devastated.”



“And when you all stop acting crazy, we’ll stop calling you Banana Republicans.”


Elitist left intellectuals telling us how to speakin’ from their icy towers! Verbs and adjectives is just so much horse hockey ‘bout doin’ stuff and tellin’ us how it looks!!

Dag nab it!!!


I despise LB, but this is the kind of ridiculous garbage that happens in congress all the time and it’s getting old. These folks are paid by us to help our country run better and they spend time having these silly elementary school squables. Go ahead, tell me how I’m wrong… but you know it’s true.

Yes, because Raskin calling out Boebert is the REAL problem here… /s


Both Boebert and Raskin are in the House. What productive legislation do you think will come out of a Republican-led House, exactly?

The more uselessness they get up to for the next couple of years, the better.


It doesn’t matter who calls out who. I’m not entertained by any of it. It shouldn’t be entertaining, because it’s sad. Just like listening to my dad called Biden “Burden”. Really childish shit.

I mean, you make a good point there. But still, it never fails to irritate.

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Seriously… the GOP has no interest in doing their job… they’re there to punch down, to grift, and to grind the gears of government to a halt as much as possible - ESPECIALLY if it will be good for the public.

You think ANY of us are? But for some reason, people only seem to call this out when it’s the Democrats who are pointing out how the GOP are being assholes. All of a sudden it’s pearl clutching, even though the Democratic party is the only one actively trying to solve problems we all face. We all know the GOP is being childish clowns - we’re not blind. But it’s sort of annoying that the only people who seem to get called out are the Democrats.


The guy in the row behind just yoinked Boebert’s iPad?



I’m not calling it out because it’s “the Democrats are pointing out how the GOP are being assholes”. I’m pointing it out in general. Besides, you’d never see an article on this site showing the “GOP owning the Dems”, so I couldn’t do it likewise. Let’s be real. I just often get irritated with how silly our government is. It’s an age old thing. Don’t mind me. I realize that opinion is just like pissing in the wind.

It’s not the whole government, though, that is the problem. There are plenty of people who are doing the work (or trying to do so), so the problem is not “government” the problem right now is the GOP.