Since toxic Lauren Boebert won't apologize for hate speech, The Denver Post does it for her

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thank you, Denver Post!


Such remarks, no matter how innocently intended, have no place in American discourse.

There’s a way to innocently intend racism and rabble rousing?


I applaud the Post’s gesture, but this changes nothing.


Gestures have import too. Words matter. Public discourse matters. It is important for people of conscience to periodically stand up and say “THAT BIGOT DOES NOT SPEAK FOR US.”


there simply is no pattern of innocent remarks in these statements or any of Boebert’s past behavior. This like always was deliberate and purposeful, and any decent American should realize this is bad and shameful behavior and out of step with American values.



I truly think they’re all a) terrible people and b) frustrated entertainers.

If they had started as theater kids with even a glimmer of talent*, and moved on to successful entertainment careers, they might have achieved the fame, adulation, and wealth they now seemed determined to achieve at the expense of making any real attempt to govern.

Of course, we’ve also seen plenty of well-known entertainment figures who were dissatisfied with their lot, and sought office anyway…

I don’t know. I’m just…blech.

*This excludes Ted Cruz


It’s weird that everyone is focusing on this particular video, given what Boebert on the floor of the House included much more offensive bullshit… She seems to be really proud of her “jihad squad” label, given how often she says it, and has explicitly called Omar a terrorist and accused her of marrying her brother. Multiple times. An apology would be utterly meaningless - what’s she going to say, “Oh, sorry about the things I said, over and over, I didn’t actually mean them, I was just saying them because I’m a disingenuous asshole trying to curry favor with racists.”?


Since the Western Downward Slope representative was elected in November 2020

FTFY, Denver Post.


My one nit to pick with the Denver Post here is that I think Boebert should face at a minimum “anger”. Not because of who she is but because of how she acts. There is no place is a reasonable and civilized society for people that behave like this and I am continually saddened how many of my fellow Americans are neither reasonable nor civilized, seem to realize it, and don’t care about improving themselves. It’s a sad commentary on the state of our country.



May Lauren Boebert never face this kind of anger, discrimination or bigotry.

No, I think she needs to. That may be the only possible way she gets it.
Though I am not sure she is bright enough to do it even then.


Denver reporter, Kyle Clark did a much better job addressing Bobo.


I remember when David Duke was a political figure that got a bit of attention. Mostly as a ‘can you believe this guy exists’ way.

Now we have comparably awful people, and we give them attention all the time. I’m not even American and I can name all or most of the prominent horrible politicians you guys deal with. What they need to be is footnotes, not headlines. Starve them of the attention they so desperately want (while making sure they also get no power).


Re: no matter how innocently intended

I think that line was to head off the piles of emails from readers saying something to the effect of “Geeze, it was just a joke. Lighten up, you wimps.”


My thought too. The Twilight Zone episode Deaths-Head Revisited, where a SS officer’s atrocities are relived on himself, came to mind.


Part of how we got here was people not taking David Duke and the new tactics adopted by the far right seriously. From about the 1980s/ early 1990s, on people like Duke seemed to moderate their tone so that they could get far right candidate into local elections by looking respectable, educated, and leaning into coded racial language already being used by the GOP since the Nixon era rather than the more open bigotry of the civil rights era. And people pretty much ignored that and pretended like it was just a tactic and could be safely ignored. We need to do just the opposite. We need to constantly highly their bigotry in their words and show them for what they are. Ignoring them did not work then and we can’t start ignoring them now, especially when they are in positions of power in our society. It is exactly what they are counting on the media and most of us who are white with some privilege to do. We play into their hands when we ignore them.


Yeah, except it’s well-known that the Post leans left, so I doubt many of their subscribers didn’t already dislike Boebert for her various terrible character traits. It’s like the New York Post coming out against some liberal politician. So maybe I should have said “almost nothing”.


Sigh. Bobo is free to say what she wants and still get re-elected.

Gerrymandering is killing us.


And yesterday the WI supreme court decided that the R-gerrymandered maps will have to stay, despite the impasse between our governor and legislature. Things are not going well.