How people react when they think video of the real Lauren Boebert is an SNL skit

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Jimmy does a good job with his political criticism, compared to Colbert he is less hung up on the politics, and does a better job exposing how fucked up these politicians are.


Every once in while I will stumble on the website or Twitter feed of someone like Boebert, and it’s depressing-- paranoia, self-congratulation, willful misinterpretation of data, etc. They live in a bubble and are completely unaware of how they look outside of that bubble.

There’s really no solving the problems of the word as long as places like Fox News/OANN/etc are creating an alternate reality. In their world Boebert’s videos are not at all strange.

For a long time I thought that as the conservative news bubble got more and more nuts, it would scare away conservatives, but they just go along with the crazy.


The more of Boebert I see, the crazier she seems. She’s got a lot of material they could have shown - I’m wondering how much, beyond those clips, they actually did show. Because, if you watched more than a few minutes of her, people should be deeply disturbed to find out that lady is actually in congress.

Some of them know, but they simply don’t care. I think they realized their audience is not just Republicans, but a sub-set of Republicans who have totally drunk the coolaid, so they’re saying things they know are crazy to appeal to the hard-core sub-group.

It’s a right-wing disinformation feedback machine. It started with Fox easing people into it, and then things like Facebook algorithms radicalized viewers to seek more extreme material (a market that other right-wing propaganda outlets have fulfilled, with Fox now starting to catch up).


It’s religion.

They’re trained all their lives, from childhood, to trust and obey authority figures in the church. They’re taught the most important thing is to forgive.

They’re taught that if an authority does something wrong, they just misunderstood, or it was someone else’s fault. And hey, if it turns out they really did do that bad stuff, we definitely should forgive him and let him keep abusing his authority.

They are taught to believe absurdities. They are taught that how they feel about the world is much more important than dealing with the world as it is.

They are taught that a goat demon will torture them forever if they masturbate.

They are taught they are the persecuted righteous few, and the whole sinful world is against them.

No wonder right wing fascism has such ready soil. Religion groomed the cohort for it.

Why would they reject dogma they’ve been believing their whole lives?


I’m not about to go watch more Boebert, but I’m curious if anyone knows the “logic” behind her wanting “to know just how many puppies were eaten alive on Fauci’s watch”.


Standard Q playbook.

  1. Q figure claims $HATEDENEMY is doing something ridiculous and cartoonishly evil.

  2. Trumpian masses believe it and it becomes fact to them.

  3. Stochastic terrorism happens.

  4. Q figure does the thing they claimed $HATEDENEMY does.

  5. Trumpians deny it when incontrovertible proof of said actions are shown.

This is essentially evidence that Boebert ate at least a few puppies.



I mean… she does/did own a restaurant…


I detest Boebert, but at least give her credit for when she’s clearly intending to be funny or provocative. She’d probably take it as a compliment that people thought her antics were SNL quality. I think of her sort of as the anti-AOC, except without the education. AOC does sassy publicity-stunt type stuff that you could just as easily use for this same type of Kimmel piece, with similar results.

The difference is AOC is not a dangerous fascist.


From what I’ve seen, when she’s intending to be funny, she’s not (or even scary) and when she’s trying to be serious, she’s funny. But not in a funny-haha kind of funny. More of an “I have to laugh or I’m going to start crying” way.

ETA: or, to put it another way: name all the famous fascist comedians.



I’m not making a comparison between the two politically. I’m simply pointing out that they both tend to use sassy humor in their rhetoric. If right wingers were to make a similar video, but use AOC clips instead, most of us would shrug and say “ummm… duh. of course she’s trying to be funny. of course she’s trying to get publicity.”

Dennis Miller?


[insert graph of Denis Miller’s funnyness vs fascism over time]


humor is one of the most insidious forms of propaganda, because you can always say “we were only joking! can’t you take a joke?” trump has used this excuse over and over again.


See, that’s how we know someone is punching down instead of up. It’s not a joke at all, this is what the fascists want to do to those who don’t agree with them.


Bill Mahr is still in the “just an asshole” phase of his slide into bootlicking strongman worship, but I think he’ll get there. I’ve suspected that he and Dennis Miller are actually the same person for some time now.


I’m just going to leave this here:


As long as you can count on your target audience to be willfully ignorant of how jokes are supposed to work.