PAC claiming Boebert had 2 abortions and was an unlicensed escort invites Boebert to sue

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Paying it forward from JoeMyGod


That is really bold. I actually hope she is stupid enough to take them on!


Keeping in mind that sex work and terminating a pregnancy are not to be shamed. But being a loudmouth, hate-mongering, grifting hypocrite is, for sure.


But having sex with Ted Cruz is definitely a shameful act. Even if compensated for one’s time.


Just waiting for Republicans to start chiming in to declare that this is an unjustifiable attack even if true because a woman’s reproductive choices are no one else’s business.

Not by our side’s standards. By hers.


The American Muckrakers PAC, Inc

AKA the GOP establishment’s ratf*cking arm, currently being used to purge the idiot politicians who don’t just say the quiet part out loud but scream about it in a way too embarrassing even for a party built on bigotry and greed. They’re almost done with Boebert, so EmptyG will be making their acquaintance soon.

It looks like they’re putting a bit of stick about with Cancun Cruz here too, reminding him of his place.



Shame her for working to bring down a democracy, not for things she did with her own body.


Exactly. She’s working to take away rights from others that she herself has benefited from. The only way it differs from a generation of white male boomers voting to strip away the next generations’ chances at a middle class lifestyle by reducing marginal taxes and basically gutting public university funding (both things that they benefitted from then were like, “I got mine, none for you.”) is that Boebert’s BS comes with a side of “religious morality.”
I don’t care who funds the Muckrakers. I can’t wait to see them go after Empty G next.


From where I’m sitting the problem isn’t the sex work or the abortions, it’s the hypocrisy.

Imagine a candidate who ran on a platform of enforcing Kosher dietary restrictions for everyone. Then some muckraking Jewish PAC uncovered evidence that the candidate in question secretly made a fortune with a chain of hog farms and regularly binged on bacon cheeseburgers.

I wouldn’t personally attack that candidate for what they ate, but nor would I have any objection to the muckraking investigators bringing it up.


When things sound too good to be true I can’t help but be wary of them, at least until something tangible results.


Then that’s as good as attacking her yourself for it if you let others do it.

Body shaming, sex shaming, calling out people’s looks and all those things tend not to hurt those who don’t give a fuck but still hurt, in this case, women who had sex with regrettable partners or women who have had abortions.

If you (meaning everyone) can’t judge somebody without being hypocritical yourself, well. Maybe just don’t. Pick a different attack.


I’m not “letting” them do anything. I’m watching the Republicans eat their own and enjoying a little schadenfreude watching Boebert being held to the same standards she has tirelessly worked to impose on others.


Right. That’s why I made the distinction with "But being a loudmouth, hate-mongering, grifting hypocrite is. [emphasis added]


Hypocrisy is always worth bashing people over. Rights for me but not for thee is not OK ever. I don’t care if she was allegedly a sex worker, or if she has had abortions. But if these are true and she has made a profession of demonizing others who have done the same things, I do have an issue with that.


Sure - but it should be worth noting that “it’s alright when WE do it,” was never a defence in the first place and not a tactic we should use to attack her over.

Attack the hypocrisy. She’s full of shit, absolutely but those parts of her history are not why.


Shame on her for attacking choices for women and their bodies.


I wonder if Ted Cruz’s wife knew Ted was paling around with an escort. Oh to be a fly on the wall when that revelation came out… Someone is going to be sleeping in the beach cabana…

And just a reminder that her husband is guilty of lewd exposure to a minor.

To be clear - nothing wrong with being an escort, or a sugar baby if upfront about it. And an abortion is between a woman and her healthcare provider.

Being a huge hypocrite about either or both is a problem. Especially if you are writing/supporting laws restricting either.


Kind of like that, yes.


Her history seems pretty material to the “hypocrisy” part though.

Side A: Side B is immoral because they want to allow X!
Side B: But… you did X.
Side A: Bringing up my long history of doing X is a disgusting and inappropriate personal attack!