Husband of Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert did jail time for flashing his penis in a bowling alley, and she was with him. Both were banned

Originally published at: Husband of Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert did jail time for flashing his penis in a bowling alley, and she was with him. Both were banned. | Boing Boing


“flashing” is an term that by my guess doesn’t cover what was happening, since she was also banned from the premises. Based on nothing: I’m guessing she was giving him a handie (or doing something even more involved) and two girls saw it (in a bathroom? Perhaps.). Cops were called and rather than bust both them both for committing lewd acts in public (and the obligatory statutory rape charges), they gave this nice upstanding white gentleman an indecent exposure charge.

It’s gross, but really probably the creepiest thing about it (to me) is that a 24 year-old was (presumably) dating a 17 year-old, which doesn’t even pass the creepy “half your age plus seven” test.



You can bet she’s a hard core super pious christian family values candidate too.


The finest, really the best people, believe me…


How about people NOT do this shit in public? Why is that unreasonable or “not that creepy”? Bullshit! It IS that fucking creepy. It is public exposure in a place with under aged kids. This isn’t rocket surgery.

Also, what happened is IN the article, so maybe read it. He literally whipped his dick out to show two teenage girls that he had a tattoo on it. How is that NOT a crime in a public place, when NEITHER OF THEM WANTED TO SEE IT?

This is the “party of family values” BTW… the one that accuses their opponents of doing literally all the shit that they do on a regular basis. The one that wants to punish trans people and gay people for literally existing. The one who wants to take away my bodily autonomy. The one who believes in a white ethno-state and hates democracy. THAT party.

Which is illegal.


These are all selling points to a subset of voters.


Yawn. Wake me up when he urinates on a Dairy Queen counter.


Someone on Twitter pointed me towards The Al Capone Theory of Sexual Harassment. The article is about the tech industry mainly, but the conclusions seem pretty universal.
tl;dr - if someone is credibly accused of doing something sleazy in one area (e.g. exposing themselves), it’s almost certain that they are doing sleazy things everywhere else (e.g. embezzlement.)


Cute couple.

Parents and family must be soo proud.


Whether a politician’s spouse committed a minor crime in their youth is irrelevant to how we should evaluate the politician. This is engaging in exactly the cancel culture that people here have argued isn’t happening. It is an ad hominem about an associate, so guilt by association–two logical fallacies wrapped into one. If the candidate was a man (and a democrat) and his wife had been arrested for public nudity 20 years ago, we’d all be calling it sexist if Fox News trotted it out. There is plenty in the actual opinions and voting patterns to skewer Boebert with, without resorting to puritanical and fallacious nonsense like this.

Sexual harassment is NOT a minor crime, especially when it involves underage people.


If I found out that, at age 24, Jill Biden exposed her genitals to people under the age of 18 in a public place and that Joe was also there and somehow involved? I’d be trying to “cancel” both of them. Exposure to children may involve minors but I don’t see it as being a “minor” crime.


She was THERE and apparently involved enough to get banned from the bowling alley.


Witness statement:

Trish and I were standing at the snack bar, and she came up and looked at my tattoo on my back, and she pulled down her sock and said, ‘look, my is fading,’ Then Jayson said ‘I have a tattoo on my dick.’ Trish and I said ‘ya, whatever’ and turned away to ignore him. Then Jayson came up behind us and pulled his penis out of his pants. His thumb was covering the head, and all I saw was the shaft. Trish and I turned away and went and told [the owner].

So, a 24 year-old man flashing his dick around minors in public.


People here call it “consequence culture”, per LeVar Burton’s coinage. If a politician builds her career in part by droning on about “family values”, the exposure of her attempt to cover up an incident involving her own family (including herself) that goes against those values is one of those consequences.


That’s different. Biden is a woman and a democrat, so clearly she needs to be thrown in jail for life… a light hearted dick-reveal to underaged girls… that’s just FREEDOM BABY!!! Clearly this was not so bad, and cancel culture is the worst thing that ever happened in America!!! /s

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This guy is flashing his dick at minors and she’s in Congress.

Meanwhile she’s opposing trans people being allowed to pee in goddamn peace.


Nope. It speaks to their poor judgement and I don’t like people with poor judgement having power over me. She’s not running for “homecoming queen” here.


I wonder if that will stop anyone from posting about how he’s probably being unfairly maligned…

nah, I’m lying, I don’t wonder because I know.