North Korea praises Donald Trump

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Do Trump supporters get even a little tripped up when people like Putin and Kim Jong-Un endorse Donald Trump?


Drives me nuts!

Common usage and all though… it won’t be long until it is the name of the party, I guess. No one seems to be standing in opposition anymore. I here it from NPR reporters all the time.
Despite the earlier coinage sited here I credit Frank Luntz… his mother must be so proud.

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Given how much admiration they have for Putin’s authoritarian regime, his endorsement probably helped.

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The linked story got it right, this is an @beschizza problem. To be clear, it should read “Democratic candidate…”

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Linguistical warfare* has been the Republican party’s single most successful tactic.

*Damn right you see what I did there



[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:78857”]describing Democrat rival Hillary Clinton as “dull.”[/quote]Oh, if only we could be so lucky as to get someone who is “dull”, who riles up no one and quietly goes about the day-to-day business of governing, who does not inspire death threats and crying and screaming and canings and elbows. What a pleasant image.


And appeals to young people…

(Yeah, that’s Nicholas Cage)



Probably not, and that’s what’s so worrisome.

When one of the best things you can say about someone is that “at least he’s not Hitler,” it seems that everything we claim to hold dear has gone straight to shit.

When I was a student, the political scene had hundreds of little parties. Everyone had the Marxists, the Leninists, the Marxist-Leninists, the Trotskyists, the Maoists, the new-Menshevicks and (working approximately from left to right, and skipping a few because we would be here all night) to the National Front, the Mosleyists, and the Eisenbund’. The really bonkers extremes looked a bit similar to us in the middle, but they knew the difference even if we didn’t. Now it seems we have one generic Batshit Corporation Grade A loopiness, available in 60-gallon drums, from the US to Russia to North Korea; and the winner is decided mostly on ranting technique.

Hey, I don’t say things were better back then. But at least you felt they cared, and took some trouble.


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