In Chicago primaries, a string of defeats for the Democratic establishment at the hands of progressive Democrats


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Given Chi Town’s reputation for institutional machine politics, this is fairly encouraging. I think one of the factors that contributed to Trump’s election was progressive disaffection with the neoliberal Democratic establishment. The Democratic establishment is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When voters disbelieve they can change the representation in the party nominally closest to their own political alignment, they can’t. But when they believe they can, they can.


“because the Democratic candidate always gets elected to those offices, thanks…” Fixed your shit grammar for ya. Every time you say “democrat candidate” you sound like you suffer from a head injury. It’s fucking “democratic”.


I want what he’s-she’s drinking.


One grammatical error out of nine uses of the word (counting the headline but not the block-quote of the source article) makes you that mad? Sheesh, and I thought I was irritable.



Yes, I know. And when someone deliberately uses it repeatedly I get being peeved by it. Heck, it might bother me if I spotted it once as an honest mistake. But I don’t have such a chip on my shoulder about it that I’m going to go be a jerk to someone who clearly just made a single typo. YMMV.

(And frankly, it’s a little derail-y, though I know that wasn’t your intent just as I know Cory’s wasn’t to take a pot-shot at Democrats.)


Would you say you are disappointed with bOING bOING?



Depends if I’ve had my morning coffee and croissant.


Of course not. I’ve been reading Boing Boing since the '90s. Also, Cory can handle the criticism. It’s not that big a deal. Sheesh, ya cuss a little bit and everybody wants to call your principal and get you suspended.


Unfortunately, the governor’s race will be billionaire vs. billionaire: Pritzker vs. Rauner.


The formulation gained new life as a slur against Democrats, which is how Republicans have used it in recent years (beginning in the GW Bush years). It was intentionally used to uncouple associations with Democratic (as an adjective for a member of the party) and small-d democratic, meaning an adjective for democratic principles; i.e., a person who is a Democrat is not necessarily democratic.

Unfortunately, the media have themselves begun saying “Democrat” as an adjective out of habit, which lets you know that the Republic spin machine is winning.


I see someone use “Democrat Party” too often, and I start suspecting they’re stealth Republicans.



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