Top New York Dem compares party's own candidate, a black Democratic Socialist, to David Duke.

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Yet when I warn Third Way Democrats that if they don’t listen to the left and include them in policy making they will lose voters, I get told that the Republican party will thank me for their support. I try to negotiate with them by stating my beliefs and asking how we can meet half way, they accuse me of ideological purity and don’t move an inch.

These hypocritical arseholes have no self awareness.


FFS the DNP really work hard to fuck things up.


Machine politics gonna machine.


And these entitled machine Dems in Albany wonder why young people aren’t enthused about the party.


So, they are saying the Party is about halfway between India Walton and David Duke? And they are ok with that?


TF with this guy?


I had to read that title 3 times before my brain could register it.
Fuck the old school Democrats and the big-money albatross that hangs around their necks.

I can pay now, or I can pay later!


The old guard Dems need to die off faster, a lot faster.
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This is why so many anarchists don’t even bother with electoralism. It’s a bankrupt system that can’t produce meaningful change, so why bother?


The DNP is focused on making sure the 2-party system is perpetuated.

They’d prefer the republicans completely destroy american democracy than have to actually compete in a field.


This schlemiel, cinema, and manchinless are DINOs. Democrats In Name Only.


Nah, that’s just what democrats are, the political embodiment of disappointment and weakness.


Because the system, bankrupt or not, is the one in place, and if you abandon it you hand the Far Rats more power. I’m fed up with purported progressives self-righteously refusing to vote or voting for a third- or fourth-party candidate they know damned well won’t win. Then, when a Trump is elected, they hold up their hands and say, “Well, don’t blame me; I didn’t vote for him!” Yes, they did.

It’s a fucked-up one-and-a-half-party system, yes. But unless you’re prepared literally to wave the pitchforks and raise the guillotines, then the only vague hope there is for progressive change is to take over the Dem party the way a small cadre of RWNJ’s took over the Reps. That takes unity–solidarity, to use the time-honored lefty phrase. The left’s strength, its belief in diversity, inclusion, and equality, is also its greatest weakness. That is why the RWNJ’s have the upper hand. 99% of them share the same two values: white supremacy and misogyny. Put three progressives in a room and within half an hour you’ll have a dozen warring factions.

The reactionaries are sure the left will always be fragmented and powerless. Maybe they’re right, I don’t know. I do know that sitting it out and saying “Let’s you and him fight!” does nothing but provide an excuse for not trying.


I never understand the American Party system. Why could Bernie Sanders run as a Democrat when he wasn’t even registered as a Democrat (first time). Trump wasn’t a Republican until he ran as one and now the “republican establishment” is out in the cold.

If the party has a platform and you don’t support that platform, why should you get to run under their banner?

I know this is asked a certain amount of of Sen Manchin. I keep wondering how long until he switches to the other side - kinda like Arlen Specter did the last time the Senate was 50/50.


There’s no litmus test or taking a party oath of principles to join a party. You just change your voter registration designation.


Also, what does it cost you? Like, a walk to the local elementary school or community center and 30 minutes in line?

I swore… swore to myself that I would never vote for anyone who voted to invade Iraq. But you know what? I’ve now voted for two of them. Because in the long run my convictions and personal pride are utterly useless. The options both times was a full-blown fascist archetype who was telegraphing his intentions from day one. I resent that the only real choice I had was to vote for them, but I don’t regret it one fucking bit.


To be fair, he’s not comparing her to David Duke, he’s just saying that she, as a Black woman with slightly left-of-center politics, is just as abhorrent to the mainstream Democratic party establishment as a far-right former head of the KKK.

Which is worse, really.

Gosh, why would they listen to the left, with their broadly-popular policy proposals, when that would alienate the Republicans, who are currently calling for Democrats to be murdered? I mean, if they did that, the Democrats might actually win some elections!

Yeah, though I think they’re hinting it’s closer to David Duke, as far as they’re concerned.


to some extent there is, otherwise i guess the nominee would automatically get the backing of the party

i get that the party bureaucracy should get to choose its spending priorities, but to completely freeze out or oppose the person the party rank and file chose is wild


Those are separate issues. Anyone can choose what party they identify with. But certainly a party opposing its own nominee that hasn’t done something heinous- like join the kkk - doesn’t comport with democracy.