Majority of Democrats now hold favorable views of mass-murdering simpleton George W Bush

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Only by comparison.


Nah, I’m still of the 11% 2009 mindset. Call me old fashion.


It is short term memory - I had a conversation in 2007 with someone (older than me) who didn’t even remember the whole 2000 hanging chad fiasco and thought Bush had actually legitimately won the Florida count. The Fox news machine is getting a return on their investment for sure making sure republican crimes always appear like happy accidents or coincidences. You have these talking heads rambling all day long almost 24/7 about liberal bad this and that like Tokyo Rose trying to dehumanize the only people trying to act humanely in this society and this is what you get. I also think people feel bad for GW because we all thought he was slow, so give him a break yeah? I remember the free speech zones and the daily lies and a man who wouldn’t answer any straight questions about a war that was started entirely to keep the republican machine going (we gotta be patriotic and support THIS president). I felt like fascists were running the country every day for 8 years. When Obama got in people didn’t even want to talk about it they were just glad it was over and I think thast is another reason why there’s a positive view because that man should be in prison right now but we let it slide since realistically we never had a chance to get him - his co-conspirators spent 8 years filling the courts with people whom would look the other way and block any attempt to go after him. So there we were trillions more in debt, an unwinnable war in a country that did not attack us, a wrecked economy, but hey - I’d like to have a beer with that guy so all’s forgot. Plus he’s really into Jesus - he said so so we have to take his word for it.

Also as stupid as his painting thing seems in light of all that I think it further makes him sympathetic since he always came across as a moron being manipulated by others and you see this guy who’s sweet and childlike making the cute pictures. Maybe the pressures from his family and those around are what forced him to go along with all that evil shit and he really isn’t so cold inside. I still won’t forgive him until he throws Cheney and them under the bus but it would have/should have happened by now so fuck him.


I said it before, I’ll say it again;

Merely being less horrible does NOT equate to being good.


Favorable in the sense of getting fucked with no lube vs. getting fucked with a cactus. But either way you are still getting fucked in an unplesant way.


The poll merely asks " We’d like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news. As I read each name, please say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of these people – or if you have never heard of them". It does not ask how you view his presidency. Those are two different questions. Since leaving office he hasn’t done anything that I find problematic. He’s mostly stayed out of the news. And frankly, that’s good. And he’s not speaking out in support of Trump. So as an ex-president, he’s doing just fine in my opinion. That doesn’t mean I think he was a good president.


I clicked through and read the short linked article. It doesn’t seem to answer the question I have, which is, do people have a favorable view of him now or have a favorable view of his presidency.

I still think GWB is – with one egregious exception – the worst president since WWII, but I have to grudgingly admit that his behavior since leaving office has been largely commendable. He seems to know that he was a terrible president. He’s lain low, paying some form of penance by painting portraits of dead soldiers, and has stood with the other ex-Presidents against Trump.

So depending on how the question is asked, I might have two different answers.


When Galactus comes to town people start getting wistful for the measured restraint of Dr. Doom.


I was wondering what the SNL cold open was referencing last night. Will Farrell as guest-host reprised his Dubya impersonation from when he was a cast-member to address that everyone has forgotten how bad he was. I didn’t realize this was referencing his poll numbers strictly among democrats, though. Weird.


We won’t know for three more years, of course, but I wager Bush is worse than Trump. Remember, as embarrassing as Trump is (infinitely so), he’s yet to officiate in the murder of hundreds of thousands of people. And he seems altogether too incompetent to accomplish as much.


i think Cheney was the real mastermind in this case


Re: giving Reagan credit where credit is due

Forgot funding terrorists, sorry freedom fighters (at the time) in Afghanistan.




-Grading on the curve since 1828.


No, that was on the day when he was off his meds and confused Nancy with Fidel Castro.


I think we are getting perilously close with Korea, but there are still a few more years for comrade Drumpf to be even worse.

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It is really remarkable how Republicans never mentioned him after he left office, and he never was called on (that I remember) to campaign for or endorse any candidates. They were probably embarrassed, if they’re capable of that. They just shifted instead to making everything Obama’s fault, including the financial crisis which hit at the end of Bush’s term and which Obama had to dig us out from.


north korea is not a threat. china, however, would be a massive threat, if they decided to team up with the norks for round 2