'I hope they sort it out soon because we’re a nation at war,' says U.S. Special Operations Command chief of Trump


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Not exactly wrong. My brother received this medal during his time in the Navy:

You’ll note that current service members are still eligible for it.

Of the various gaffes the current administration has made, I would say that this one rates pretty low. The mindset behind the comment, while indeed problematic, dates back to the Bush era. I wouldn’t finger point against Trump for it, in any case.


That would be incredibly cute if it weren’t for the witch hunts these jokers would probably resort to.


Not too early to start to running TV ads for the 2018 mid-term elections.

Just have a guy dressed an Uncle Sam shouting at a cardboard standee of each GOP MoC who supports Portus45*.

“What were you THINKING? I mean, dear God, the man bragged about groping woman, and insulted actual military veterans.”


Let’s see if we can get Clint and the Chair to reprise their roles.


Who is the US at war with? Has the general added to the dysfunction by making a de facto declaration of war?


“Extreme Vetting Begins at Home”

Just to clarify…perhaps we start with Trump.


Terror. See my previous post on the National Defense Service Medal. All active duty military have been eligible for it since 2001 (and still are), meaning they served during wartime.


Terror, drugs, Islam, poverty, Christmas… take your pick!


And now apparently Bigfoot.


Hey, you get bored of any current war, just pick a noun and have at it! But be sure to keep the old war around in case it’s needed…


Yeah the War on Crime is also still ongoing. Last thing I heard was that it transformed into some kind of trench warfare.


If we make it a War on Stupidity, maybe public schools can have funding again?


I’m confused. I’ve heard that Trump supporters see nothing wrong with bragging about groping women, and I myself don’t see anything wrong with insulting actual military veterans.
If said veterans joined up in order to fight in an illegal war, they deserve some insults, and if they don’t individually deserve being insulted, proving that veterans may be insulted is still necessary in order to combat excessive militarism.


Only if it involves killing people or jailing people.


The organic next step for Trump’s administration is to initiate purges and require oaths of loyalty from remaining government employees.


gasp … but … but … they fought for our freedom!


"America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war; America is at the mall.”
– Sign seen in Ramadi, Iraq


Still not even one month in office.

Remember: there were many prominent Republicans, including people who served under Reagan, who would not support Trump, who said he was incompetent and unstable and dangerous.

This will keep going on-- angry tweets, poorly worded executive orders that fly in the face of legality or convention, diplomatic crises caused by Trump’s bungled comments and lack of knowledge, corruption on the part of his cabinet and family business, bald-faced lies and denials. Trump doesn’t even have the skills needed to right the ship, or the understanding that he lacks those skills.


What what will happen? will he keep on bumbeling on for the next 4 years, or will the GOP finally have had it and try to get rid of him? Because this gouverment is pretty much fubar.