Trump Administration moves to stop transgender members of the military from honorably serving their country

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um, when did this happen?

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BuddyBradley, it didn’t. I’m not myself this week–I’ve been down with a lung infection. I started writing about how he would likely be let go soon as everyone else has been, and then lost it in my edits before submitting it. I’ll see it sorted out soon.

After which, I’ll be stepping away from the keyboard until my head and chest aren’t full of snot. It just felt like too important a story to not write about.


Jeez man, hope you’re feeling better soon. Thanks for your commitment to your readers.


Good luck with that Preznit Asshole


I had a feeling this was more Trump discraction work.
I guess it had been a while since he had done the whole trans-gender business.


When this started to come down, the head of the Coast Guard flat out told Trump to go fuck himself


Good news is the Federal Court isn’t having it.


So…Trump has nothing better to do?


Given that the Pentagon set a policy and asked transgender troops to come forward, to now punish them is nothing less than an outright betrayal of American service members. Trump really can’t be allowed to get away with this without it constantly being framed accurately: as an attack on American troops.

“Hey, fundamentalist base - forget about the fact that I was betraying my wife with multiple porn models! Look at how mean I’m being to trans folk!”

Nope. Was there really ever any question about it?


…I could keep going, but you get the idea.


I get the sentiment, and your president is a hypocrite, coward and generally huge piece of shit for discriminating against transgender people, but there is no honour in partaking in the imperialist tool that is the U.S. army.

Many have to do it because otherwise they will not be provided an education, medical care or other things that should be the baseline for what the state should provide for its citizens in any developed country, let alone the largest economy in the world. Two oceans separate you from most of the rest of the world. You don’t need 1.5 million active military personnel to “protect” you.

Edit: I used the word landlocked wrong, so I edited the sentence.


Speedy recovery!

Very apt though - I feel like this President has filled our country with snot.

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Usually you would be agreed with, but in the circumstances it’s convenient for it to be honorable because we want to stick it to the Republicans. This article did lay it on a little thick though. I don’t think I’ve seen the word honor used so many times outside a David Weber novel.


Hey I have an idea! I wonder if there are enough trans soldiers to have a parade for the President?


“too much of a chickenshit to answer the call to service in Vietnam”

There are many people who avoided participating in one of the most pointlessly catastrophic modern wars. Some for moral reasons, but most to save their own skin, and I don’t blame a single one, even Trump. Let’s not glorify blind devotion to the military just to get in a cheap shot.


One of things I have huge problems with is why, in the normal course, someone would volunteer to serve in the armed forces of a nation that is actively opposed to their rights and very being. It’s sort of like, I dunno, Jews volunteering to serve in concentration camps. I mean, fighting to support discrimination directed against one? And it’s not like any genuine national security’s at stake – indeed, to the extent national security’s involved, it looks like it’s a matter of destabilizing things, making the world less stable and peaceful. (TMI: I know someone for whom serving saved their life by straighten them out big time. But I would suggest that’s the exception, not the rule. And I’m happy for that person and their parents.)

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Way to go, Cadet Bone Spurs. Keep punching down. Can’t face the kids marching for their lives, try to fire anyone who’s going to expose your Russian collusion, and now you’re going to ‘ban’ some of the finest people to ever serve your country? We see you, motherfucker. And we’re coming for you, if the courts don’t get there first.


You’d think they’d be psyched to have even more soldiers to throw into their pointless wars.