Horrifying video of cops trying to pry baby away from mom all because she sat on the floor

At this point, it seems that the crowed would have been justified to bodily force the cops out of the building. The pigs were endangering everyone, not the least of which is a mother and her child.

In the “wild west” they had ways of dealing with bad law enforcement. Tar and feathering comes to mind. Running them out of town on a rail is another.

Seems a lot more civilized than letting the cops beat you and then never get punished.


Maybe the cops were trying to demonstrate the wisdom of Solomon? /s

Fuck these fuckers to fuck. FUCK THE POLICE.


This video made me so hopeless and afraid. The police have lost all sense of decency and humanity. The duty of care owed to that child, if not that mother, was completely cast aside in favor of brutalism. I genuinely wondered if the child would survive. That not one of those officers of the law could see the situation spiraling out of control and STOP themselves, stop their coworkers? I genuinely think we would be better off without police if this is the best they can do. I no longer think the police can be reformed.


Y’all remember this one? Another young mother attacked in front of her child.


And that was a White woman. They seem to have no respect for anyone not wearing the uniform, period.




Everyone of those cops should be fired and brought up on charges. If I was there I’d end up in Jail too.


It allows the cops and administrators to exercise authority in order to express their opinion of those they see as the pathetic underachievers in society who don’t deserve the handout they’re getting.


You can probably just skip the “bully” part of the “bully cops” tag. It’s given.


Fucking rabid animals, there is no humanity there.

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A woman with an infant should not need to ask for a seat, or need someone else to ask.


Did none of these people go to pre-school?

No grabbing! Use. Your. Words.


Goddammit! I had to stop watching because I wanted to wring the fucking neck of that piece of shit pig yanking on the baby like he was a door handle. There’s someone who needs to meet a semi truck at high speed.

That’s your contribution to this? Thanks for that. Have a nice day Captain.


Or someone could of said, “Madam, have my seat. Please!” and ended the shit show right there.

GIGO, dude; consider the source.

Yeah… it goes without saying that this incident should have never happened, and in an ideal world where life is actually fair and equitable, it would not have happened; but that ain’t the world we live in, sadly.


The police would probably book the chair-giver for aiding and abetting.


What ever happen to people giving up a chair for a lady with a baby?


somehow i don’t think the problem was a lack of brainpower. i generally try not to assume malice when stupidity will fit the circumstances, but the uptick in petty racist bullshit along with the increase in law enforcement displays of power makes me think that any solution that didn’t end up with the officer ripping the child from her arms would not have been mean enough or racist enough to suit him. he got to use exactly the force he wanted to use.


Please note: I am not tasking anyone here. I am taking this opportunity to see if I can get anywhere working on a bit of reverse engineering. From the ABC news link provided in the OP, the usual:

Department of Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks released the following statement:
“HRA centers must be safe havens for New Yorkers needing to access benefits to improve their lives. I am deeply troubled by the incident and a thorough review was launched over the weekend to get to the bottom of what happened…The HRA Peace Officers who were involved in this incident are currently on leave, and they will be placed on modified duty when they return to work pending our investigation of what happened.”

Banks’ department on Twitter.

Mayor de Blasio on Twitter

I think most public officials count on us working stiffs having no time or energy to pound the drum for justice as constantly or as loudly as is necessary to keep media attention on an issue like this.

Alternet is on the case, so yay on that:

WABC in New York contact page:

which lists a phone number: 917-260-7700

Dunno if they are going to do a followup. We have the WABC reporter’s name: Naveen Dhaliwal (FTA).