Jimmy Carter outlives another one


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Nice guys always finish last.


Watching Jimmy Carter and Dick Van Dyke stay astoundingly vital and active into their mid-90s, I’m wondering if the secret to a long life is to be awesome.


When I was little, there was an ep of He-Man where He-Man and Skeletor have to team up to save Eternia from some cosmic threat, and at one point while they’re running around doing stuff to that end, Skeletor gets annoyed and says “Gah! Can’t we just do something evil instead?” This made a big impression on me. And it feels like that was America’s exact reaction to the one time it elected a good person as President.


Petzl’s Hot Takez:

They’re making a big deal about how Geo HW Bush “regretted” the Willie Horton ad. Oh, and Lee Atwater, on his death, supposedly “regretted” the Willie Horton ad. All this cheap regret.

Bush was a tainted president as soon as he accepted the VP nomination, and with it, the toxic side of the GOP. He never realized that he didn’t have to be obsequious to the religious right. LBJ, in his time, had toxic Dixiecrats that he eventually had to alienate. Bush, for his part, keep them close, doing things like nominating Clarence Thomas to SCOTUS.

Anyone remember all that garbage with Panama? That was Bush-41 trying to exorcise “the wimp factor”. But, at least he knew which countries to bully. For Bush-43, of course, it went somewhat differently.

He supposedly lost his second term because of reneging on “No New Taxes”-- but this happened because it was viewed as a “betrayal”; if he had had the guts to sell it, that a sensible budget makes sense, he might have been reelected. One could argue all this caving in to the nonsensical right-wing has resulted in what we have now: Bush-43 and Trump-45 collectively getting away with 3 waves of tax cuts and an American national debt of $17.8 trillion.

Forgot that one! And its probably the worst. Ronald Reagan himself did what the GOP always accuses others of: he “caved in to terrorists.” Reagan directed that the US deal with Iran to see if Iran could convince Hezbollah to release hostages in Lebanon. (I’m sure the call went: “Hey, Hezbollah. This is Iran. You know those hostages we told you to take…?”) Later, NSA Poindexter (not a nickname) and several others fell on their swords, and explicitly lied about the program originating with Reagan. Then, Bush-41 pardons them. So, the worst timeline. Although, it did get worser, because no one cared.


Seeing how bloated 45 looked at the G20 summit, maybe Carter might outlive yet another (wishful thinking, I know).



Heres to the guy who inspired some of Dana Carvey’s best work.


I have some things to say about GHWB, but they wouldn’t be prudent.


Best headline I’m going to see about this…

The first hagiobit I slogged through was 10% recitation of facts, 10% “what a mistake he didn’t ‘finish the job’ in Iraq” (!), and 80% relitigating the 92 election. But he wasn’t bitter!


Let’s also note, on World AIDS Day, all of the long term HIV survivors who have now outlived this man and his heartless, bigoted, deadly indifference to that epidemic here and worldwide.


Bush was waist-deep in Iran-Contra, gave us Clarence Thomas, Dan Quayle, and sired two odious Bush offspring.

No eulogies from me.


Aye, same here. Let Barack Obama say nice things — that means I no longer have to, and can keep pissing on the graves of Thatcher and Reagan. All things Bush are now dead to me. Literally and figuratively.


Three odious offspring. Let’s not leave Neil off from this adjective.


I stand corrected. Neil’s the sneaky one.


Even Comrade Jeb! ?


The movie Megamind shows how quickly that gets stale.



Really not looking forward to the canonization from the GOP in 3…2…1…

They’re gonna put him right up there at St. Ronnie’s side.


Gotta admit, that headline made me chuckle.

Jimmy Carter, evil overlord?