RIP, George HW Bush: a mass-murderer and war-criminal


Does it sound crazy to respect the man but not the politician he played as his last act? I was never a supporter, but I find it almost tragic that his ambition to be POTUS forced him to sell his soul to the Neocons, especially after coining the term “Voodoo Economics”. And that his sense of responsibility forcing it’s way to the surface in his tax bill cost him the job. As @jandrese said above, that was the last time a GOP leader gave more than lip service to fiscal responsibility.


Its not only in the US. I was surprised and kinda irritated how the german media showered Bush the Elder with praise, he was heralded as a “friend of Germany”. Thats due to his role in the german reunification, he was the only allied leader who openly supported reunification from the beginning. I mean, yes, his role in the process was supportive and constructive (out of interest of the US), but lets not forget that he was one of the bastards behind Iran Contra and overthrowing democratically elected gouverments in latin america.


George HW Bush killed more fascists than every antifa thug could dream of even punching.




We’ll have to agree to disagree. To use the Reductio ad Hitlerum argument, you seem to be saying that this is an absolute, that even Hitler would have deserved respect on the day of his funeral.

If you’re not saying that, then you agree that there’s a point where a person is evil enough to disrespect them in death, and we’re just disagreeing about where that point is.


You mean where the guy who sold weapons to Iran gets to be the head of the NRA?



We can definitely disagree…because if you cannot see the difference between Hitler and George H. Bush then we literally have nothing to discuss.


Firstly, I was talking about Trump, not Bush, and secondly, if your argument is based on the difference between the two, then you made my point.


He did so against the Japanese fascists only after his father made significant money trading with Nazi German ones:

I’ll certainly give GHW a cookie for joining up in the struggle against fascism like most young American men did during the war. I’ll also give him extra recognition for fighting valiantly in the course of doing so. No-one will dispute that, except perhaps the alt-right.

But if you’re going to dredge up that history to slam modern protesters who are (for the most part peacefully) calling out enablers of modern fascism in America (including conservative and Libertarian plutocrats) some additional context is in order. Especially since a handful of punched Nazis now could prevent thousands of killed people later.

All that is true even as we remember an occupant of the Oval Office whose lived experience prevented him from characterising some Nazis as “very fine people.”


Again…while I dislike Trump…as of right now he hasn’t tried to outright exterminate 6 million people.

I spent 8 years serving in the USAR…I respect the office and the rank. To @Tamsin_Bailey 's point…if on the day this man is being buried you cannot bring yourself to simply say nothing at all…as far as I am concerned it speaks volumes as to your character and lack thereof. Have a good day. I truly have nothing nice to say to you any further.


So for 24 hours I’m supposed to pretend to respect a man that said someone with my religious beliefs should not be allowed to be a citizen.

Fuck that


His warmongering caused fewer deaths than his son’s. He was less racist and more civil than Trump.

Amazing how low the bar been set for “decent President.”



I appreciate your perspective, I think it’s a fine day for Cory’s eulogy.

They’ve been putting Bush to the grave all week and it’s been really tedious. There were always suspicions about Bush’s actions. It took NBC news close to a week to finally credit something to him.They opted for the ADA act. While it’s a notable achievement, fairly sure that credit should go to Senator Tom Harkin (democrat) who introduced the bill and the Ntl Council on Disability, who helped design it and push for it. Bush signed it, and may have signaled a verbal support for the bill, but it wasn’t his legacy.

Meanwhile, AIDS-related deaths and global world war are easily connected to Bush’s actions or inactions, in many people’s assessment. He made America look uncaring and war mongering.

I think Cory’s post is as much a reaction against the fluff as it is a push for substantive review of a shady world actor.


Yes, well, that’s parochialism for you. I do not begrudge Germans for only seeing the part that was relevant to them. Most Germans knew nothing of American domestic politics. Thing of the phrase geht am Arsch vorbei for a better understanding.


Hard pass on this thread, for reasons all too apparent.


Tone policing at its best. Though, given the way it’s being argued, no one will ever admit to it.


Curiously, the “Top Minds” of Reddit are upset because the MSM is supposedly being nice to Bush Sr. as a way of slamming Trump.


Deliveries of straw and ragged clothing saw a definite surge, on the basis of that cartoon alone.