Gentleman arrested after rudeness at beach


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When is Thanks, Trump! going to get the traction that Thanks, Obama had?


If you told me this guy didn’t listen to Alex Jones, I wouldn’t believe you.


Dammit, who pissed in the gene pool this time?


Jesus H. Christ, talk about primate dominance behavior. I’m surprised he didn’t get around to flinging actual, instead of just verbal, poop.


I stayed at the Pearl Hotel in SPI just this past February.

Nice place…except for all the racists.


This boogie man view of other faiths, cultures, races, etc. is just sad. People fear what they don’t understand. This guy just looks like a pathetic fool.


When people base their decisions on emotion, this is what you get. And that is why political and religious manipulators use that tactic: it gets people to the election booth so they will vote like blind sheep.



I thought that was the Texas state motto. :thinking:


Remember kids, racism is over!


Stop them from … going to the beach?

Wait, actually that does sound like something he’d do.


Hey, Trump is the least popular republican in Texas in a very long time… unfortunately the masses voted for Cruz…


Is there like a Pepe the Frog Snapchat or FaceApp filter you can add to video? If there isn’t there really should be one for vids like this.


He’ll try to stop a variety of people from doing a wide variety if things.


To be fair, the Texas beaches I have been to are rather shit. Maybe I was in the wrong place.

Now Mexico has some nice fucking beaches.


Come on now, his stated support for the president* indicates that he isn’t a racist but just a guy who’s worried about his job prospects.


Okay, do this type of folk really not care that they can be charged and possible jailed for their actions? Sorry to sound cliched, but have they no shame?

I myself can’t bear to type or say his name, but it does slip out. When Facebook had an app to see what words show up most on one’s Timeline, the name of the current POTUS was the most frequent. I was ashamed.


Glad that people stood up to this cretin and that he eventually was arrested.


he was drunk? in public? I am shocked by this. SHOCKED I TELL YOU!