Trump once thought a bloody man died at Mar-a-Lago and he turned away, upset about the stained floor

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According to the article, "Trump, adding of the blood, “It’s just not my thing.”

ie, he’s freaked out by blood.




Thank {Deity} there were some competent Marines handy =o. From his description, not a soul there was willing to help beyond the soldiers.


I’ll add it to the lengthy list.


But I shot a man in Mar-a-Lago just to watch Trump cry…


Once again, Trump manages to pretend to talk about the negative impact of corrupt wealthy people, while clearly talking about himself. This whole transcript is exactly like his campaign. Rich people / government figures in this country are bleeding you dry, elect me, so I can do it for both groups at the same time!


So this is the stuff I think you should steer clear from. He’s freaked out by blood. so? many people are.

Having a weak constitution in regards to body fluids and such is not something we should be marginalizing him over. We have plenty of legitimate issues to harp on; without creating muddy waters. We can give him criticism for his seeming lack of empathy and disregard for this man’s injury…I am on-board with that.

Additionally one of my favorite TV characters who has one of the best and funniest moments on TV was very obviously afraid of blood…


That’s the kind of guy you want in charge during a crisis!


I can’t have that in here.

They Put the Blood All over the Place: A Secret History of the Trump Years, 2016–


Love to see him get the “Carrie treatment” at the next State of the Union.


But most people who are freaked out by blood don’t go advocating violence against political opponents, make remarks encouraging police brutality, and generally behave like a cartoon version of a macho douchebag claiming everyone against him is a whining, frightened loser.

Just another example of Trump attributing to his enemies the exact characteristics he so loathes about himself.


I see Trump as more of a malignant narcissist than a sociopath. Maybe a fine distinction as the results can often be the same - but I see Trump as someone who is often terrified at the possibility of feeling sympathy for someone else. I see him fearing that having sympathy for someone who is weaker or “not worthy” will lower his own worth, his own status.

So I see this whole story as him not wanting to see it, and his sublimated fear and avoidance coming up with the blood thing.

The blood thing he has with women is a similar thing, I think - women who challenge him threaten his status much more than men do, because men are at least similar status. He’s terrified of women lowering his status. The blood is how this fear manifests in his mind.

Separately, he’s got such a blood thing with women that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a specific incident where his father terrorized him about being weak “like a woman” and did this specifically with a feminine hygiene product. Or maybe some similar incident in that Lord of the Flies military school he went to.

He’s an adult for decades since whatever happened to him in his childhood, and I believe in free will, so his behavior is ultimately his responsibility. It also just interests me how someone could get from childhood to a way of being like he has now.


First off, i’m hemophobic and get grossed out by stuff like that (mine sounds alot milder than his) but it’s far from an excuse to act like a dick like he did that day. Kinda pisses me off other hemophobes are being lumped in with that jerk about it today though.

Still, that’s pretty useful info about him when it comes to building up a profile of him. The whole tough guy/bravado/he-man masculinity issues of that day where came up in when he was younger dealing with that could have affected his attitude today. Hell even now when my cat pricks me on the finger pretty good and I get a weird gut & start feeling pretty faint about it, I start doubting my own toughness (even though this issue is much more well known about these days). But just imagine it for a moment growing up in a time when fathers & the government expected their sons/male citizens to go to war and sweat, bleed and possibly die for their country… yeah, the whole ‘foot spurs’ was very likely the biggest cop out he could have thought of (no needles/slicing involved to check for those lol).

I’m not saying this to quote on quote ‘humanize’ him that alot of people have been saying lately. But the facts we know have to be mentioned anyways when discussing the reasons why he’s been acting like an asshat.


"What happens is, these 10 Marines from the back of the room… they come running forward, they grab him, they put the blood all over the place—it’s all over their uniforms—they’re taking it, they’re swiping [it], they ran him out, they created a stretcher. "

Well of course they did. Marines aren’t afraid to get dirty and help people.


I do not think folks who hate or cannot stand bodily fluids or horror are losers. Which is the point I was making originally and you missed entirely.

you cannot win with false equivalency.

The blog post put it better than I could:

If you’ve listened to Howard Stern before, you know you can find something salacious without a great deal of effort …

Hey Donnie. Mwuh hah hah.


i like his sleight of hand where first he says that HE was freaked out by the blood, and then seeming to realize that he just admitted a weakness, switched it to EVERYONE was freaked out by it.