Trump says rich people from Beverly Hills are prohibited from taking long showers, and that's why they smell bad

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Ah yes. Beverly Hills is famous for enforcing draconian water use restrictions against the rich and famous.

(Pictured: Rod Stewart’s house)



They can always take a dip in the cee-ment pond.


You are aware that Trump is a wealthy New Yorker, not a southern “hick”, yeah?


Of course. I grew up in NY and knew he was a scumbag since the late 70’s, and recall seeing his disgusting ads in the NYT and Newsday in ‘89. The post was /s


I’m not surprised.


Ok, I’ll bite… the photo is from The Beverly Hillbillies, an absurd 60’s sitcom about a family from the Ozarks that move to Beverly Hills after discovering oil on their property. They called their swimming pool a “cee-ment”pond. It was the kind of TV show a cretinous mind like Trump would take to be documentary.


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I know what the show is, as it was still in syndication when I was a kid… I’m skeptical of the connection between Trump and the show… it seems rather tortured connection to me.


I’m gonna take a guess that the recent judge’s ruling about Trump’s financial trustworthiness has soured his relationships with a few big money folks in Beverly Hills.

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Yeah, very well could be… this might be the last straw for at least some of his supporters of means… but then again, I’m guessing that there is probably plenty of working knowledge on his actual wealth among his economic peers…


I’ll do better next time prof :wink:

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Trump’s been on a deranged roll lately, and this bit was, of about three dozen things he’s said in the last couple of weeks, actually the most forgettable/least insane:

I feel like if you gave Trump the ‘Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV’ test, he’d be failing it these days.


I swear, Donnie saw that Seinfeld episode about low water pressure showers and he’s been stuck in this mental loop ever since. Some intrepid reporter really needs to “pressure” him on this topic and take him down the low water rabbit hole.


I live in los angles (technically a different city, but same county as Beverly Hills) and although there have been regulations about watering lawns (I don’t have one, I live in an apartment) there have never been regulations about in-home usage that I’ve heard of. At least nothing that’s ever been enforced. I get the sense from walking around my neighborhood they don’t even enforce the lawn watering restrictions that strictly… (considering the reservoirs going dry the probably should but I see a lot of unnaturally green lawns when there’s been no rain in months)


Some fiends of mine used to play this bar game where they challenged each other to give impromptu lectures on random topics that they aren’t actually expert in. It was an interesting experiment in the art of BS. Trump speeches always feel like that. It’s impressive in a way the way he has unwavering confidence but it’s clear the information is just a mix of hearsay, misinformation and complete made up nonsense that he knows is just what his base wants to hear.


That’s pretty much what debating societies are, except for the impromptu part. You get told what the topic is and which side you must argue for. If you’re good at debating, it means that you’ve learned to cherry-pick facts and arguments to suit your case, and you’ve learned to argue passionately and persuasively for causes you don’t believe in.

This is how the likes of Boris Johnson learn their craft.


Could it be that Trump’s bugbear about water pressure is due to the fact that plumbers who could fix it aren’t stupid enough to work for someone notorious for stiffing his contractors? :thinking:


The weird thing about Beverly Hills is that there is a more-visible- and more-monied-than-normal contingent of Qnuts living there. But they’re still a relative handful of people, and you may be right that wealthy conservatives there who supported him have finally been clued into the fact that he’s a deadbeat phony.

Overall, though, BH is socially liberal and associated with (((Hollywood))). That’s why he’s trying to play to the rubes in his base with this line of populist nonsense. The narrative, such as it is, is “look at these movie industry librul elites, so crazy with the environmentalism that they’re living like animals even though they’re rich. Unless you elect me (and only me) they’re coming for your showers too, believe me!”.

The “joke” didn’t really land because this audience here is made up of California Republicans, many of them Pete Wilson moneyCons who know it’s complete BS.


I think this rant just needed longer in the oven (gas powered, natch). Give him time and “rich Beverly Hills people” will morph into “liberal Hollywood Jews funded by George Soros.” Asserting that a group of people you’re biased against smell different or worse than reg’lar folks is a well worn racist trope.


Indeed. Also…

Research published this week found that the degree of disgust that an individual feels when confronted by the smell of body odors rather accurately predicts his or her inclinations toward authoritarianism.

The research found that the higher the level of disgust a person evinces upon detecting these odors, the more likely he or she is to favor a rigid social order—with designated roles for different genders and ethnic groups—and to support punitive responses to social, legal and moral transgressions.