Happy PI day




Only in America…


Best Pi day in history was in 1519.


Yes, as a geek, Pi day is cool. As a geek, the ridiculous MM/DD/YY date format is annoying beyond belief.



Yeah, I use the normal date format even though I’m in America, so for me it’s 14/03/2014. I don’t see pi in there.


And I go alpha numeric to ensure no-one ever gets confused - 14-Mar-2014.


It’s 3/14 all month.


Next year is 3.14.15

Yes, and at twenty-six minutes and fifty-three seconds after 9 o’clock it will be 3.14.15 9:26:53


1592, actually.


My friend’s daughter is in a school contest to memorize the most digits of pi. She’s up to 50, but pushing on to 70, because she thinks there’s one other girl who is a threat. Winner gets an actual pie.


There’s always ISO format: 2014-03-14. The approximation of pi is in there,
but only after “20140”.


Uh, private investigator.


(not that your friends daughter or peers are dicks, I just like the comic)


Ha! Yes - that’s the format I use for file versions! It’s the best - they line up properly.


Wow… mid-March already…

Time to start planning for Bicycle Day!


Anybody for whom getting the date right really matters, uses 2014-03-14 format. As you say, it also has the benefit of easily ordering alphanumeric lists of document versions by date.


ssoooooo many people rely on the “creation date”, which actually is the “last altered date” - they’re so square.


I use YYYY/MM/DD whenever I can get away with it; from most significant unit to smallest. It makes sorting date-named files so much easier.



That way the numbers always increment for dates so they sort properly.