Arduino clone on sale for $8.68

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That’s exactly what I needed for my carry on luggage. Place that in the bottom with a wire going to a piece of cardboard tightly wrapped with electrical tape. Next stop Leavenworth!


The number of Arduinos and Clones I have is too damn high.

I pick them up for “Sekrit Project X” and never get around to using it when “Sekrit Project Y” comes around.


Or you could support open source hardware and buy the real version for only a few extra dollars. Why promote this stuff Mark?


Came here for this comment. My thoughts exactly.

The whole ‘Amazon deal of the day’ aspect of this site has gotten way old. It would be one thing if they were truly good products, which were being recommended authentically and genuinely (which may have been the case, a long time ago). But that’s clearly not the case now, simply from the sheer volume of them, which is glaringly obvious to anyone who has been reading BB for years.

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Couldn’t you just do the job with some 555s?


If you’re looking for rock bottom price, go someplace like Banggood or DX. Here’s one for under 6 bucks:

But when you buy direct from for $25, you’re doing a whole lot more than just buying a board.


$8 seems high, I buy Uno clones for $3 from AliExpress, a cheap proto board, a handful of components (sensors, wires, leds, resistors etc) in lots of 50 at a time and give them away to local kids

I also still buy genuine boards from Arduino, we need to support their excellent work too


It does seem kind of unpleasant, but on the other hand, isn’t this part of the point of open-source hardware?


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Hey, what are you trying to push on us??

Price is already up to $10.86.

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