Arduino-powered Etch-a-Sketch clock




I don’t think I will be installing that on my bedside table, but cool as cool.


Maybe they could improve it by only giving the time to the nearest quarter hour?.


Ha! I have an XMega controlling a surfboard! Top that!!


That’s arduous.


Maybe draw a clock with hands. Since the time is approximate anyway.


So he automated the Industrious Clock, eh?


Here’s a more automated version… Plotclock.


Put that on a NATO wristband and I’d wear it daily.


I have a 2" Etch-a-Sketch. That sounds like a challenge.


Do it.


How about 3-4 of them on a lazy susan, sketching ahead of time, rotating into view as the minutes change.


With the right motors, it will draw the time quickly enough. The 64:1 reduction on these motors is not helpful.


I agree. I actually kind of like it that the clock has to be inexact. If you really need to know what time it is, use your NASA-approved Casio G-Shock.


Steppers from old 5.25" floppy drives work well. I use one to run a time lapse camera track.


Boringest stuff ever.


I hear Mitt Romney keeps one in his office.


It was even boringer before the Internet.


Criminy. I am doing it! I can’t find the tiny Etch-a-Sketch in my kid’s room, so I bought one on eBay. I’ve already modified a pair of tiny RC servos to spin the dials, and I’ll laser cut some gears for it soon. I plan to use Comic Sans (or so) for the font.

Look out, world!


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