Are cats solid or liquid? And other award-winning absurd scientific research of 2017


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Vaginal Speakers was a new one on me!. A new market in Bluetooth Vibe Radios?


Absurd indeed. Everyone already knows that cats are liquid.


No, they are evolved houseplants.


Why do old men have Big Ears?


The better to heeeeaaaar you with, dearie. What? Wait? What did you say?


Now these trailblazers can check to see if the Pope is still Catholic.


Because Noddy is refusing to pay the ransom.

I’m pretty sure that Jacob Rees-Mogg has his doubts on that score.


Having just googled him, I think I preferred not knowing he existed.

Still, is he trying to look like Terry Jones in glasses? He could be right out of The Meaning of Life.


In order to combat evil we must first recognise it.
He’s basically what Trump would be like if he had a very competent PR man massaging his image.


Just so, but I don’t have to be happy about it. :wink:


Why do old men in hats drive slowly? There’s a PhD dissertation in there.


Thank you!


I assumed they were Mewtonian fluid?

Liquid in a relaxed state, and then in the next second, on top of the fridge.


What about summer? Old guys wear hats in summer too.


As fun as the Ig Nobels are, the narrative of “absurd scientific research” has become a dangerous part of the ongoing political war on science. For anyone who doesn’t appreciate how much this can be an issue for serious, committed scientists, I recommend the following excellent podcast:


Mammals are 75% bags of water. 90% of the solid left overs is bacteria. Cats may have a higher water content. Continued research funding required.


Well that doesn’t say anything about their phase; ice is 100% water, and there are gels that are almost all water but don’t flow, even at high temperatures.

Strictly speaking I suppose cats are neither solid nor liquid but rather a type of colloid. But studying their flow characteristics sounds like an interesting and not necessarily fruitless exercise. I mean, cats obviously are more fluid than dogs, so we should be able to quantify that.


This is my year in research, obviously.


Actually cats are just furry cupcakes.