Are there wasps in your figs?

I feel like the simple answer to “are there wasps in your figs?” is “no, the fig ate them”.


Nature (PBS) has a beautiful documentary about the ecosystem around a fig tree that has pretty incredible photography of wasps inside the figs. At the time, I kept pausing and doing thumbnail sketches. I saw it at least a decade ago, and the images are still pretty present in my mind.


Hungry Feed Me GIF


Eaten by wasps:


I need the recipe for this.

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This is the one the picture is from:

I didn’t look at the recipe at all until just now and there might be a better one out there. This one seems pretty involved, making fig jam and all. Hope they taste as good as they look!

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I get figs every year from a friend of mine who has two trees. They grow like weeds here in Southern CA. I’ve made a jam similar to the one in this recipe before. It’s really good with crusty bread and some stinky cheese like a Point Reyes blue.

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No prob! That jam/bread/cheese combo sounds wonderful. The only jam I’ve made is thimbleberry. Making the jam is easier than picking the berries, but it’s all worth it.

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figs might fly… who knewted…

flags might dye…

post edit : four three two… oooops…

Veganism is always a losing battle. Remember the wee crustaceans in the NYC drinking water? lol. Hell, the amount of insect material contained in flour, alone, is staggering.

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