Venus flytrap devours wasps

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So violent.


It looks fake to me, looks like they put some irresistible bait in that particular trap:

Animal cruelty! Oh no wait, it’s wasps. Well deserved!


That reminds me, I should go check/throw out the wasp trap in the basement.

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Because ‘Good’ was too short to comment.


I’m gonna dedicate my life to roaming the countryside and seed bombing with Venus flytrap seeds. Because fuck wasps.


I asked kew gardens if it was legal to purchase venus fly traps
they very eloquently replied as such…

with these excepting

All parts and derivatives, except:
a) seeds (including seedpods of Orchidaceae), spores and pollen (including pollinia). The exemption does not apply to seeds from Cactaceae spp. exported from Mexico, and to seeds from
Beccariophoenixmadagascariensis and Neodypsis decaryi exported from Madagascar;
b) seedling or tissue cultures obtained
in vitro , in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile containers;
c) cut flowers of artificially propagated plants;
d) fruits, and parts and derivatives thereof, of naturalized or artificially propagated plants of the genus
Vanilla (Orchidaceae) and of the family Cactaceae;
e) stems, flowers, and parts and derivatives thereof, of naturalized or artificially propagated plants of the genera
Opuntia subgenus Opuntia and Selenicereus (Cactaceae); and
f) finished products of
Euphorbia antisyphilitica packaged and ready for retail trade.

My parents bought one for me as a kid.

Sadly I didn’t know if you poke the pods too much, it uses up energy and dies.

RIP little plant, sorry I killed you.


The dialogue from the wasps:
“Yay, something sweet!”
“Cool! Some . . No! No! No! TRAPPED!!”
“It burns! It Burns! Nooooooooo . .”
“Hey, has anyone seen Johnny? Or Sam? Or Bart?”
“Cool! Something sweet!”


Thought they’d be called Stingy, Stabby and Shiv. Otherwise, yeah, pretty much.

  1. Looks like they baited some of them.

  2. They closer slower than I thought they did.

  3. They are doing God’s work.


And yet He also made fly traps?
Obviously got bored at work sometime.

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Venus flytraps need a very particular environment to grow in; a nutrient-poor swamp. Unfortunately, such areas are prone to development.

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Every party has a pooper.


And that pooper is generally me. If it is any consolation, I’ve been told “huh, you were right. Guess we should’ve listened,” so few times in my life, I can count the instances on one hand with fingers left over.


I watched it gleefully three times through. Totally down with the treacherous, painful, horrible deaths. Because fuck wasps.


Two poopers, ahem: This American plant is eating a German wasp. Seems to be a German video, so it looks like the American plant is growing somewhere in Europe?

However this is not 100% certain as a human moron managed to introduce German wasps to North America, so this person would arguably then be Der Poopergrosse:

Or whatever that would be in actual German.

I don’t like wasps, and tend to shy away from insects in general. That said I did feel a little bad watching this. Something so visceral and terrifying watching their limbs fly about as they try to escape a slow painful death; their friends being completely unable to stop it.

You think that is bad? Some wasps paralyze their prey, carry them to the nest, inject their eggs, and then their young eat their way out of the living spider or what ever it had. I think some do the same thing, but lay their eggs on caterpillars.

Fuck wasps.