Venus flytrap devours wasps


a sad copyright loss.


If I remember correctly, they are baited, naturally (why else would flies land an them and wander about to trigger two hairs?) I think it’s carrion odor.


Yeah no, that’s horrifying as well. As I said, I’m not a wasp advocate. I just find the possibility that any of us could die a slow helpless death of immense pain to be a terrifying facet of existence.


And when you think about, humans are one of the only animals on earth who can consciously put another living being through such needless agony. So in that sense I think it’s quite easy to say “fuck humans” as well, if not more so.


Bugs prey on each other in such really disgusting ways (theres that bee parasite where the female just lives her life in the bee, with her head sticking out the back, blecko). Evolution is quite “imaginative” in finding food sources. But if so many bugs didn’t spend their lives preying on each other, a, we’d be up to our eyeballs in bugs and the landscape would be naked of leaves, and b, some of those wasps might come for us at dinnertime like we were an open jar of grape jelly. I’m not saying it’s the best of all possible worlds, of course, esp with that thing living in the bee. :expressionless:


Paradoxically, the venus flytrap also flowers and, when it does, it presumably wants these pollinators to survive and fly away.

This, despite the video we just were presented, and that its called a flytrap.


And, if not:


Actually nearly all the remaining swamps where they are native are protected one way or another:

In 2015, there were estimated to be fewer than 33,000 plants in the wild, all within 75 miles (121 km) of the city of Wilmington, North Carolina, and all on sites owned by The Nature Conservancy, the North Carolina state government, or the US military.


Let him who has played Sim City and not summoned a kaiju cast the first stone…


No carrion odour. The plant’s trapping leaves secrete a sweet nectar to attract insects. They also glow with UV light.

Wikipedia claims that the trapping leaves are optimized to catch crawling bugs, not flying bugs. (Yes this makes the plant’s name a misnomer). Also, their flowers bloom on the end of a long stalk, well away from the main body of the plant.


See ? Wasps are the true victims there !


This IS good news! Thanks!


I miss “Black and White” and being able to reward or punish my Tiger Avatar…


I swear this reads like a script from a Jay Hosler comic.


You clearly haven’t seen my kitchen.


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