Venomous spiders found in New Zealand grapes

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Mexico and Texas had very wet winter and spring this year - lots of flooding and all of that
Whenever we get flooding spiders take refuge by climbing whatever is nearby. Since widows typically feed on other insects, they can often be found near fruit producing plants such as grapes due to the abundance of prey.

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Welll super. Time to take a closer look at any Mexico (and Texas, thanks @dacree!) imported produce, now.


For those of you who don’t “habla español” that means:
I am the one who puts deadly spiders in your grapes.


Do they mean inside the grapes or just between the grapey spheres? Cause that’s a whole 'nother level of WTF/I’m leaving this planet.

Between the grapey spheres.

(There are traditionally a handful of these stories every year, though not necessarily from New Zealand. Many of the grapes shipped en masse to supermarkets are grown in warm climates where biting spiders live, and as such it makes sense that a few would manage to make it through the harvesting and shipping phase.)

Yeah, and I feel like usually it’s bananas, not grapes. Just look at that giant scary spider. Look at it.

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Can’t say for bananas, but grapes are the ones I normally notice stories about. (A quick Google News search shows stories going back to at least 2008. Generally black or false widows.)

I cannot wait the hear what The Donald will have to say about this in his next stump speech


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