Are you in a "music bubble"? Check out local variations in #1 hits

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I still find it jarring when a station here will edit “god damn”, especially for older songs that I don’t remember them doing it in the past.

Like Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitter. Or more recently I heard a very edited version of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks.

I know I have heard more than one example of Len’s Steal My Sunshine. And I think there is an edit of Mmm Bop and a Sublime song that has some record scratches I prefer.


This is the best example of an improved version.


I am not familiar with the original - but I liked that. Though very short.

This project is about your geographic music bubble.

If you listen to pop music, you’ve likely heard Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars…
Nope. I have heard of him but I’m pretty sure I’ve never listened to a whole song he has done.
My music bubble tends to lean pretty heavily on Yes, Genesis and Emerson, Lake & Palmer though.

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Living in central New Jersey, back in the 1960s there was quite a difference between what were the hits in Philly and New York.
I have a bunch of WFILAM (Philadelphia) weekly handout sheets, listing the top 100 songs and noting fast climbers, projected hits, etc… These were given out in stores that sold 45 singles (The Singer Sewing Center at Mid-State Mall had a great array- in the days before record stores became common you could buy singles at hobby shops, Two Guys department store, etc).
They favored soul a lot more in Philly than did WABC, WMCA, or the New York stations. I remember seeing many songs listed in the Philly Hot 100 that I never heard of.

I missed the fine print on Spotify once and listened to the radio edit of Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday with the swearing taken out by mistake. It was pretty funny.

At least they didn’t take out the drug references - I guess that’s the karaoke version.

Jenny said when she was just 5 years old that there was nothing happening at all,
Any time she turned on the radio there was nothing going down at all, not at all
One by one she turned on the New York stations and she couldn’t believe what she heard at all,
Not at all,
She started dancing to that fine fine music, whooo!
Her life was saved by rock and roll,
Rock and roll

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