Listen: 1991's 'This Is Ponderous' by 2nu

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I remember this song! The pop stations top 7 at 7 or 10 at 7 what ever it was was keen on novelty hits making it through time to time.

I always preferred Spaz Attack

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The first comment on youtube is from a member of the band.

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If you can find a copy, settle yourself into a comfortable chair with a good whisky and give “frank’s chair” a contemplative listen.

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We heard this on our one pop station in the rural midwest one time during the summer. My older sister called in the next day to request it, and they said they didn’t have it.

I like to think that this was the type of thing that inspired bands like Soul Coughing and Cake, but who knows.

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Reminds me of “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen”

How rural mdiwest? It was on rotation in Wichita, KS. IIRC Greg “The Hitman” Wiliams was the night DJ.

The entire LP album “Ponderous” is a treat. In the '90’s I’d listened to the album many, many times. Unfortunately I haven’t listened in a loooong time. Cueing it up now!

I note with interest that 2NU release two other LPs: “” in 2000, and “Raging Skies” in 2017! Going to have to track those down ASAP.

A personal fave of mine. At one point, the band would mail you a copy of the CD-single if you asked them for one.

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Didn’t realize it back when I used to hear that 2nu track on the local indie station, but methinks it owes a debt to Mr. Nordine for the vocal delivery.

Pretty fucking rural, KYYY, Y-93 out of Bismarck, ND.

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OH man I LOVE this song. I would randomly say lines from it to my husband who of course had no idea what I meant… “Can you seee what I’m saying…?” hahaha

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