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Oh man I played the hell out of my Minor Threat tape way back when.


You and I both! I recently fired up some Minor Threat on an early morning run. I think hearing “Out of Step” coming through the ear buds helped improve my running time. :^)


Man, this takes me back to growing up in a tiny town in rural Kentucky, with two radio stations both owned by the leaders of the local Baptist church. My only chance to hear music that wasn’t complete crap was the low-watt college station from University of Tennessee-Knoxville, which I could tune in late at night if the weather was just right. They introduced me to Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Mission of Burma, Bad Brains, Buzzcocks, Minutemen, Wire and many others. Even high weirdness like Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians, Pere Ubu and Husker Du… It only took me over thirty years and the advent of streaming music to rediscover them. Gotta go and listen to the Buzzcocks’ “Boredom” and Pere Ubu’s “Nonalignment Pact” now…




Ian has really been a great voice in the media archival community. Pretty awesome they just opened it all up. Does this include all of the Fugazi live shows? I know they have a site that has essentially every last show they ever did, but I’ve not been on it…


Jawbox? Rites of Spring??

But Embrace is the real jewel here.


Nice, so many of these were the soundtrack to my high school days in the 80’s, into college and to this day.

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I’m Autoclaving right now!

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Also, Babydoll by Slant 6 never ever fails to brighten my mood.

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Jawbox was there, I listened to that first thing!

Marginal Man, Void, Scream, Government Issue. So many great bands.

You tell me I make no difference
Well at least I’M FUCKING TRYING!
What the fuck have you done?

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That Embrace LP really is the jewel of the collection. It still gives me lots and lots of feels.

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