Are you okay?


It was a highlight of my senior year of high school. Local college radio played it late at night and it was so etherial and spooky. Blew me away because it was simply unlike anything else I’d ever heard. Started listening to the next one they played, Moon Over Morocco, and it just didn’t have the same spark of magic to me.

I’m afraid to listen to 4th Tower again for fear of ruining my memory. A few years ago I looked around and couldn’t find it for free so I listened to one of there other ones they put out as a free sample, something steampunk with Ruby, very enjoayable. I also didn’t realize until a few years ago they were behind The Android Sisters! ZBS are truly amazing.


I’m okay. Still working- which helps a lot. But worried over my brother who’s in the NY hot zone and has breathing problems already (mesothelioma) - and a nephew in the same area who went for testing. Though he’s fortunately young and in excellent physical condition.

Going into the office physically for a few hours on Monday.


Strangely, I’m not doing that bad. I’ve kind of been practicing social isolation my whole life, so I’m used to it. I don’t like to go out a lot and be around a lot of people, so I’m fine here as long as I’ve got books, movies, music, and things to work on around the house.

But I have the feeling I’m collapsing inside and haven’t recognized it yet. Whenever I go out to get groceries, people are acting strangely. Weird things are picked clean in the grocery stores. Tomato paste, WTF? The vast majority of the time, people don’t know what tomato paste is, let alone buy it, and now it can’t stay on the shelves. I saw an old man walk out of the CVS with an armload of rubbing alcohol, because this is the world we live in today.

I’m trying to look for jobs, but nobody is in the office. Whenever I get down to the in person interview, they can’t do it because it’s in person and nobody’s around. You can’t exactly do an all day interview by Zoom either. And the work I do can’t be done from home, so I often get told that they are holding off on hiring anyone until this passes. I seriously envy all of you who are able to work from home.

So, I’m fine with sitting here at home, just as long as I keep my mind off of how fucked up things are in the outside world.


Doctor at my last checkup in January: “So, how are the new meds helping with your depression?”

Me: “Well, it’s a little hard to tell, what with, y’know…” *gestures wildly out office window* “… all this.”

I’m hanging in there. Doing my best to stay indoors as much as possible, especially since my wife is in two at-risk categories. I have the benefit of being in a job that allows me to work from home, which is nice, but also sort of the worst of both worlds when it comes to everything that isn’t financial stability (or what passes for it). Worried about my brother and my dad, who work for a courier service and can’t really do full-on social distancing (and especially worried about my dad, who doesn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as he should to begin with).


I’m doing okay for the circumstances. I’m alone, in my folks’ house in Chicagoland while they’re snowbirding in Arizona, and my sister lives in Michigan. I’ve been making more conversational phone calls in the last few weeks than I have in years, and it helps me a lot.

My main worries: my dad is nearing 80 (but in very good health), my mother isn’t far behind but is medically compromised, my sister is a lifetime smoker, and one of my choir directors (whom I’m good friends with) takes care of her mother, who’s on oxygen 24/7. Fortunately, all of the above are taking this seriously and taking appropriate precautions. As for me, I have medical insurance, but it is pretty bare-bones. It’s hard for me to pin down my risk, but while I’ve had no severe respiratory issues in 20+ years, I’m just going to assume the risk is high. I’m a bit overweight, but not horribly so (and have been eating lightly enough to lose a few pounds), and I physically feel quite well right now.

Good things: my company has been on a WFH basis for years, where I was the only one actually coming into the office (so I’m at least used to working alone). I’m now more than two weeks past my last up-close-and-personal crowd situation (a rehearsal). That minor fever/under-the-weather feeling I had for a few days after my flu and pneumonia shots is long gone. I’ve managed to get back in touch with a couple of my childhood friends (one about 20 miles away, the other about 100), though any visits are out of the question while this shit is going on.


I’m sorry to hear that you are on anti-depressants.
Boy I hated it when I was.

Let’s see, are you in the states now, or not.


Stay well.

Your brother too.


I’m still in Tijuana, but trying to see if I can make going back to Moldova or another place on an equal economic scale possible when all this blows over.
Right now, I’m avoiding crossing the border for obvious reasons. Good thing I paid up my mailbox fees through April.


As long as the potato chips hold out, boredom will not infect this household!


Well, my morning playlist consists of things like this:

So, yeah, so far so good


I’m not ok.
I organised an event for 80+ colleagues on 3rd of March, and while it is unlikely that someone got infected there it is not impossible.

I have been ill since even before the 20th of February.
I went to work because I was deeply involved in the organisation of said event and had additional deadlines to meet. (One for a +150 person meeting scheduled for 30th of March, of course canceled since.) I shouldn’t have. But I’ve been ill on and off since August, especially since November when a relative died and I was with them - so, I didn’t pay to much attention to that.

I met my brother around the 20th of February after he just returned from a business trip to China, visiting several provinces which weeks later were shown to have had > 1000 cases at the point. We didn’t know at the time. I didn’t know on the 3rd of March. I learned afterwards and went through a personal hell because I feel like I could and should have known. And because I am an IDIOT going to work while being sick.

My brother himself and his family were later tested negative - which is a particularly good thing, since my niece is immunosuppressed.
However, he still goes to work, and is refusing to forgo his social contacts. Hence, his ex-partner refuses contact with my niece. (And I thank her for that.) Discussions with him felt like discussing with a Reichsbürger, conspiracy theories mixed with logical thoughts and overshooting “logic” at the same time. Crude mixture.

No, I am not ok.

Also, I’ve been at home since the 12th of March after looking at the numbers and comparing effects of the lockdown in China across provinces. I am having discussions since then, with my superiors and peers. I tried to convince them that meetings should not be held, the last having been held only a week ago.

I am still trying to get my employer to do proper communication. But they won’t, due to regulations and (frankly) incompetence. For example, I still don’t know if someone at my work has contracted SARS Cov2 or has fallen ill with Covid-19. We are now mostly working from home, which isn’t really possible because we don’t have the equipment (no PCs, VPN overwhelmed, etc., etc. - I could rant about this all night. I’m technically inclined and a sibling is working in IT at a comparable employer, so I know about systemic incompetence when I see it.)

I’m on sick leave until yesterday, Friday the 27th. Will need to go to work on Monday, after calling and probably seeing my physician. Will try to do work from home, but don’t know how, really.
Also have to take care of my family.

Bonus: two weeks ago my landlady raised the rent, my contract is running out in September and the new contract I should get hasn’t been issued, while my employer is bound to save money as of last week, of course. And my partner is layed off as of June.

Finally, add some biological knowledge, some statistical knowledge and some general insights (among others, in politics due to personal contacts).

Oh, did I say finally?
A close friend of mine is a doctor. Three kids. One with special needs, a baby not turned one. They are on parental leave. Which is going to be cut in the next two weeks, as they told me, so they pre-emptively called the clinic and asked them to be put on the tail of the list. Their youngest is not one year. But they can do the figures, as can I, and know that they are going to need every single hand they can get.

Oh, and another close friend of mine is in quarantine. Sat beside someone who was tested positive later during a workshop. Met three more close friends some days later, all parents, drinking Corona together because they all knew that some kind of lockdown would be coming and they didn’t know when they would be able to see each other again.

FFS. They are all in self-quarantine, and the one I spoke to was sick last week. Whole family, in fact. Not tested, yet, since no known direct contact to someone who is sick.

ETA: oh, yeah, and catching up with BB BBS and the US news makes me really, really anxious. Got friends in the US. Wanted to visit. Scrap that.

We won’t recognise our world in six months time. And more likely than not, the pandemic will last for not 18, but about 36 months. I can’t imagine what will happen in a week from now, but I can run a statistical model on the numbers.


I’m sorry about your cat, and just the tough situation in general.

We appreciate what you do here, and many of us regular mutants genuinely care about you as a person outside of the forum.

To everyone else who’s shared and vented in this thread:


I found out last night (after he arrived at his posting) that he didn’t have to go back but chose to. I couldn’t even talk to him after that, my head was full of incoherent screaming. I can guess why - he likes being the big fish in a little pond. If he is posted off the reserve he loses his tax free status (indians working & living on indian land do not pay income tax), and his wife spends the money faster than he can make it. He is conservative to the bone and doesn’t think this is a big deal. His daughter had a birthday party last week and I’m the bad guy in that household for saying he should call it off. We barely get along at the best of times, and we have completely opposite values, but he still is my little brother and I love him.


I know how that feels. I’m sorry. I hope he’s okay…


I’ve read the New York Times’ FAQ on the coronavirus stimulus package, and I am glad to hear that self-employed citizens (overseas, too!) will qualify for unemployment insurance, $600 on top of what your state gives you.
I didn’t file for 2018 or 2019 tax returns because I hadn’t earned enough, but now I think I’ll file 2019 anyway so I have income information to be able to get unemployment, because sales are going to drop off for a while.


Sorry if this turns into a wall of text, but it’s been therapeutic to write my thoughts out.

I am ok. My spouse and I live in Alaska, so we are a ways behind the rest of the country in terms of number of cases and fatalities (we just lost our first covid-19 patient in-state yesterday). The good thing is that we were able to see this coming and plan; the bad thing was that we could see this coming. It’s felt like we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop since the beginning of march. Our city mayor an hospitals has been fairly proactive. Our governor finally issued a state-wide hunker down mandate yesterday (after a lot of pressure from mayors and hospital heads).

I am a student (I also work for the university, but it’s fun money). My spouse is a healthcare provider: half of the staff at his practice were furloughed (mostly RN/MA level), he just took a 50% pay cut, and partners all reduced their salaries by 70-90%. It’s a little scary when the career you think of as being recession-proof isn’t pandemic proof. I am thankful that we will be able to pay rent/food/utilities/etc with his reduced salary. We won’t be able to save anything, but we also won’t be going into the red. I start a physician assistant program in August, so that’s adding a little bit of financial stress to he back of my mind, but there’s not a whole lot I can do other than continue to live frugally.

All things considered, we have it really good up here compared to a lot of folks. Yes, I am going stir crazy at home (the bathrooms have never been so clean) and have been stress baking (whipped up some sourdough crumpets this morning and made a peach tart last night) when I’m not working on homework, but we are both healthy and that’s enough for me right now.

ETA: I’ve been a longtime lurker/reader of BB (since 2007), but finally got myself an account so I could have a little ‘social’ interaction while physically isolated. Thank you, everyone, for making my days a little better.


I recommend one of these, at least once a day.


No worries, that’s what this thread is for!


I’m … hanging in. Answering fully and honestly would put more info online than I am comfortable with, especially in regard to those around me. That in itself means things probably aren’t too dire, but they do seem bleak on a daily basis.


And that’s okay, too!