Are you really the universe itself? Alan Watts set to film clips

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So the Buddha walks into a hot dog joint and says, “make me one with everything!”


Watts seems to be suggesting a kind of enlightened solipsism.

I prefer Martin Buber’s I and Thou, which suggests relationship
(rather than self-reflection) as the existential starting point.

Much more life-affirming to realize that you are not a mere utility for the universe, but instead a being seeking out ultimate being.

Pain is not something to be surpassed, but rather lived and educated by. You are becoming more, not less.

And on that cheery note, a Merry Christmas to you and Tiny Tim, too!

“God bless us everyone!”


Oh, Hell-mann’s!

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Did you hear about the buddhist vacuum cleaner? Comes with no attachments.


I’ve been an Alan Watts disciple since I was a teen 3 decades ago. No one can riff on the human condition like AW. He is unique. I’m immensely happy that his illuminated wit and wisdom have found new life on Youtube. Amazingly, thanks to the net, he’s more influential today than when he was alive.

But count me as old fashioned, I guess… the trance music mixes mostly drive me up a wall. He’s got such an amazing, sonorous voice, it just doesn’t need added reverb and synth to make a strong impression. Better clean and unadorned. The visuals are a distraction as well. Damn kids! Just post the damn lectures! Also, most of the Youtube clips are short and edited bits and pieces. Nature of the medium, I suppose.

But AW is better experienced listening to his longer form extended talks, when he can really unwind his entire Explanation of Everything. It’s so good. Unsynthed, long-form Alan Watts lectures do exist on Youtube, and are worth seeking out. If you have a couple hours to devote to pondering What It’s All About, I highly recommend this one, tying together all his major themes, the Hindu ‘dramatic model’, the Western ‘ceramic model’, the great cosmic game of hide and seek and the discovery of Who You Really Are, etc, etc. I’ve not found a better, funnier, more concise exposition of the human condition, in all it’s absurd glory, anywhere…

Also, reading him is a very different and equally rewarding experience. After listening to the above talk, try reading it. That way the poor, overwhelmed brain can pause and really grok these concepts as they are presented. I’ve been reading his stuff for decades and find it more profound every time. His books are the best of all.


The visuals may be distracting, but I love The Tree of Life for lots of reasons, and particularly because it raises the same questions.

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A nondualistic perspective might be that both views are f the same phenomenon from different perspectives.

My preference is dualistic? That seems rather reductionist.
If they are two views of the same phenomenon, then I guess it’s okay to use either one.
You seem to be worrying about this too much. :wink:

Happy Holidays :santa:

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+1 for the use of the word grok

will give it a spin! thx! may xmas

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