Trip out on "The Flow of Zen," a psychedelic film narrated by Alan Watts (1969)

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“I’d like this short film to be a treatise on the flowing and impermanent nature of the entire universe. I would also like to pair it with the most un-joyous and jarring music I can find in my archive.”


Alan Watts has probably come the closest to achieving immortality through media, of any human being in history…listening to these recordings, it’s almost like one of the AI personality constructs, out of Neuromancer

There are so many recordings of Watts discoursing on a a wide variety of topics, that he would make and excellent source for the voice-sythesis chat bots I keep hearing about…


I was gonna try to say something remotely profound but when I relaxed to collect my thoughts my tired eyes looked up to the top of the screen and the words Alan Watts became intersected with the icon of the magnifying glass for Search and so it looked like “Alan - Magnifying Search Glass - Watts” and I spent a lot of time after that thinking: “Whoah, that was cool.”, so now I’m not going to say anything. #thisisverygoodweed


He didn’t die, he just uploaded…


The film was made one year after 2001: A Space Odyssey came out. I feel the director was highly influenced.

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Farout, thanks man. Damn that acid was strong.

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