Are your deposits quietly funding fossil fuels? Not with this new type of account.

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bOINGbOING seems to be making an effort to promote less crapware and I’m seeing more better products than before, and I am thankful for that. I understand you need to put food on your family, and putting a little more effort into curating your offerings is a good thing. Thanks again!


I doubt BB is making any effort at all in this respect. StackCommerce’s algorithms may finally be improving somewhat regarding the target audience here, but I still suspect BB merely rents space to StackCommerce. If they had any influence or wanted to make any effort we should have have seen it a long long time ago.

Personally, I still see as much crapware, patronising marketing and values-inappropriate stuff being pushed here. If some of the posts are less so, I suspect coincidence at worst, and some active algorithm tweaking by StackCommerce at best.


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