Really? Boingboing promoting NFTs?

Boingboing has posted at least two posts I’ve seen critical of NFTs. So what’s up with this? I understand they don’t control all content in ads and stuff but this is the “boingboing store”


If I understand correctly, for all intents and purposes, the store is a separate entity that has nothing to do with the creative or editorial staff of BoingBoing.


That must be the case, but it’s on their site with their name plastered on top (I saw this as a paid ad on facebook) and implies an endorsement. so it’s really horrible for their reputation. I love the people in this BBS forum, but this is making me question what the heck Boing Boing even is at this point…


Like on television, don’t the networks have to approve the ads? They don’t just automatically run anything they get paid for. For a while the awful ads and click bait have been turning me off to the boing boing site even if I still appreciate the contributors and main content. letting their web store be taken over by someone or some thing they don’t have a say over and selling stuff that runs counter to their ethic seems like a bridge too far…

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You’ve been here a while so you can’t be surprised by the editorial choices not exactly gelling with the advertisement choices that keep the lights on, hence the scrapping of comments on those posts i guess because they were invariably negative. I wouldn’t get too attached to this thread.


For something that is egregious, you can use the “Contact Us” function to email the editorial staff directly. Ads or store posts that are outright offensive can be taken down through intervention, but it is “after the fact” rather than pre-approval. (This is very common with online advertising)

However, I think that it should be noted that contributors are not monolithic. Many contributors are critical of NFTs (and rightly so), but that does not necessarily mean that there is an overarching editorial policy of NFT skepticism. I can’t imagine a contributor posting a pro-NFT article, but contributors are generally allowed to post what they want (i.e. what interests them).


Well. Except when they express displeasure at our mocking of the store.


Go to the front page, scroll right down to the bottom, and click on “Report a bad ad”. If the mods agree that the ad isn’t suitable for BB, it will be removed. I’ve seen it happen.


There were a couple about a year ago

The first round of NFT bullshit was about helping the poor exploited artists, after all—it was tailor-made to hook the Mutant demographics


Forget it, Jake - it's the boingboingshop


Hahahaha. Love it. Hahahha.

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