Argentine hacker mods Furby so it quotes Borges, creates a "Borgy"

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Wow, that there is one ideal–if automated and imperfectly interactive–wingman to the apocalypse.

Beats the hell outta talking to Alexa through Billy Bass.

Update 12/18: Because the world is weird, Amazon now actually sells an Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass. The bad news is that it’s very limited and the reviews are terrible. The good news is that it’s one of the most hackable versions of the fish yet with lots of swappable JST connections inside and optimized for 5v USB power. You can see my teardown of this new fish, if you’re curious.

Still, to have Jorge Luis Borges quotes spouted randomly from beyond the grave is somehow satisfying.

Borgy borgy, Raspberry Pi™
What’s your take on our decline
When all I see makes me suspicious
I’d rather be on Orbis Tertius


Well this is fun, but I can’t believe I never noticed (duh) that without the fur covering, the Furby is basically just a bot Kismet:

And that expression about silence is older than Borges, and seems to be attributed to traditions worldwide, but sounds like it just originates in frustrated parenthood.

Also, can this thing fully unpack “Tlon, Uqbar” for me?


Is the hackaday practice of putting hack-doers’ names in square brackets now a thing, like triple parentheses in Twitter screen names?

(My vote would be “let’s not bother”; my internet-related ibuprofen budget is already quite high)

A quick Google suggests it’s unique to Hackaday, so I’m guessing it’s either a stylistic tic or (more likely) a Markdown fail in their blogging engine.

I kinda like the Rimmer quote better:

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Oh, no, it’s totally on purpose on Hackaday. I was wondering if there was some reason why @corydoctorow had pasted the brackets here.

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I’d also like to have a Kafky to go along with this.


I had a bout of word blindness: I completely missed the word “hackaday” when you said

Is the hackaday practice of putting hack-doers’ names in square brackets

So apologies for my somewhat incoherent response.

One day Josef K. woke up as a giant robotic toy furball?

No, I’ll think I pass.

Not because it’s terror, but because the original resonates more with me.

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I’d hack a Furby so that it imitates a Furby, but every now and then…

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And it should look like a big insect.

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I hadn’t read any Borges until only a few weeks ago, after listening to an episode of my favourite philosophy/psychology podcast. I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without reading any - what a joy!


I think quoting Victor Borge would be more fun.


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