Arizona legislators approve ban on filming police

67 years.

It’s only been 67 years since Emmitt Till was murdered, and his accusers/killers were not only NEVER brought to justice, but some of them are still alive.

That breaks my heart all over again, every time I think about it.

So excuse me if I don’t really give a damn about someone else’s momentary emotional “discomfort.”


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If looking at those sorts of images make people who are not direct targets of racial violence uncomfortable, those of us with privilege should at the very least imagine how people who share the race of victims of lynching feel like having to live with that threat.


Oklahoma’s on their heels.


Oops… forgot about them; thanks.


They don’t want people of color in their state… and they want the threat of licensed-to-kill-POC cops to deliver that message.


Agreed. Discomfort is necessary. Comfortable people don’t do anything to make changes. And the way police behave in the US needs to change.

It’s odd that this law is itself a reaction to being made uncomfortable, but one which thinks the real problem isn’t police brutality, but being forced to acknowledge it might exist.



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In that sense, it fits in perfectly with all the laws attempting to ban certain aspects of education or those that are aimed at silencing the trans community. It’s all being pushed by people who don’t want to make a better world for all of us, but would rather force the rest of us to live in their small, bigoted, hierarchical dystopia dream world.


I’d add South Dakota and Alabama to that list. There are more, just can’t think of them right now.


Welcome to the Race to the Bottom Derby. Aaaaand they’re off! And it’s Florida, Florida ahead by a nose with an early lead, now Texas right behind makes a push, Idaho comes around the first turn swiftly and takes the lead, and picking up the pace it’s Arizona, Arizona at the halfway point with several more states still in contention!


Oh, I know why. I want THEM to say it.


Slightly off topic- but does anyone know of an app that automatically uploads video taken to the cloud? Maybe one that sends a notification to a trusted person when used? So they can copy or post immediately as appropriate


I don’t know anything about the app, but found one.


I was considering going to TX to view the 2024 solar eclipse, and incidentally visit Johnson Space Center. Ohio, also on the line of totality and where I actually have a place to stay, has a traditional ‘first part of April’ blizzard. The last couple of years are making me rethink any Texas visit soon.


Just to be clear. I’m not saying we should hide these images away and any offense the public takes to seeing this is irrelevant. I was really just thinking of his family and friends having to continuously see that image while the rest of the world becomes desensitized to it. I agree I could be totally wrong about this. It’s a complicated conversation to have in a comments thread.

So basically it doesn’t actually prohibit anything (which would be unconstitutional) but does provide a cover for police to exercise brutality because of an “honest misunderstanding” of the law? Which somehow is an acceptable answer for police but nobody else is allowed to plead ignorance?


The ACLU has one that automatically uploads to their servers.


I was really just thinking of his family and friends having to continuously see that image while the rest of the world becomes desensitized to it.

So maybe ask around and find out what Black people generally think of whether such images should be displayed without warning, before condemning it? Maybe even members of such families?

I agree I could be totally wrong about this.

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The people who seek power rarely are the “good guys”, and the ones that are soon find themselves corrupted or absolutely obstructed by a corrupt system.

It’s festering assholes all the way up (with only a few exceptions).


Hmmmm, seems all the legislators in Arizona are exactly like the executives of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

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