Arizona may end draconian feminine hygiene rationing for prisoners

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21st century and Arizona together again.


How dare these women continue to express normal biological function.


Arizona may end draconian feminine hygiene rationing for prisoners.

I’d say 1995, at best.


Because once you get your hands on that 25th tampon in prison you can…

(c’mon Makers, help me out)


…finish making that robotic suit to break out of prison?

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…extract the cotton fibers and make a rope to escape.

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…achieve Toxic Shock Syndrome with 24 of your best pals? Wait… maybe the prison shouldn’t be told about that in case it gets ideas on ways to reduce the population to make way for freshly minted inmates that haven’t yet lost their “privilege” to work in the slave camps.

I think you made a typo - you meant 12th century, right?


I am no fan of making prison a happy fun place but this is barbaric and incredibly sexist.

I can see good reasons for a limit on how many someone might have at any one time but to ration them and charge for them in this situation is obscene.

Prisoners should not be charged for the basic necessities of life in this fashion. Even a nasty old conservative (old style not the current insanity) thinks this is untenable and morally indefensible.

Tampons and pads should be freely available as needed and at the woman’s choice…


I was actually wondering if there might be some sort of security reason for this. Similar to the way that they have to ration dental floss in prison, because it HAS been used in escape attempts.

For fuck’s sake. Those poor women in Arizona jails/prison (I’m not sure of the technical difference). This is about as bad as here in Australia, where pads and tampons are subject to the GST because they’re a “luxury”.


It was just an arbitrary number and another way to punish prisoners.

From the article:

“Currently, incarcerated women automatically get 12 free pads each month. They must ask an officer if they need more and may possess up to 24 at a time. Unlike in other states, if they want tampons, they must buy them.”


When you create a system where you have to do manual work for half a day to buy a tampon, said tampons have the kind of currency value cigarettes had before they were banned.


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