Art in the Infographic Age



Man I love Tom Whalen. I have signed Aliens and SW:ESB print at my desk, and a limited edition Army of Darkness poster.

I saw the spacesuit one on another website and thought it looked interesting but not exactly ‘art’ (whatever that is) I’d visit a gallery to see.

The others, shown here, are exceptional, though - thanks!

I dunno, gotta love that Extravehicular Mobility Unity (sic).

Personally I can read articles with no problem, but infographics exasperate me and I almost never “finish” one. Perhaps this is a result of growing up in a time where most important information was transmitted by text. I am in general a “visually-oriented” person, inclined toward illustration, comics, and films; but when it comes to presenting facts infographics seem self-indulgent and cutesy, wasting an immense amount of space to convey less information than a few well-written paragraphs.

I dunno, I think it is primarily a quality issue–for example Randal Munroe’s graphics illustrate ideas that are extremely difficult to simply convey with words, but he is exceptional.


I keep meaning to pick up David McCandless’s Information is Beautiful book.

I think he has a new one out.

(Former Amiga gaming journo on Zero magazine, nostalgia fans!)

Gorgeous. But look at the Tesla poster:
“Though electricity is sent with alternating current today, it’s converted back into direct current before entering homes.”

Huh? Not in the U.S. anyway.

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