Unflattening – A graphic dissertation that argues for the power of images over text as a way to teach


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Would I be a stick in the mud if I were to ask Dr. Sousanis to provide blind studies that show that the premise of his thesis actually holds true?


No, but I suspect you to be a scientist in a field that depends on mathematics or possibly an engineer. Not sure about the engineers these days though.

in any case being numerate might disqualify you, and me, from having a valid opinion on these matters.


Nope, not a scientist as a job nor an engineer. But I do work with the laws of physics all day long.


I just worked with a crew who hated “comics” and decried graphic novels for students…

I am leaving public education for now.

I will return whenever.

I may start my own educational business because of this nonsense…


This is a repost; I bought this the first time.

It’s as good as the review says.


Good to hear. It sounds like it might be a good resource for a class I teach on information design.


Shit yeah. Quality work, wide scope.


it may be true for some people that they learn better visually but not for me, it has been an article of faith in tech for years that a diagram is worth a thousand words but diagrams are just no good for me - I need the words.


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