Doctoral dissertation in graphic novel form


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Stunning. It took me a while to realise that the Mona Lisa image was showing eye tracking. But the very fact I could work that out somewhat proves the point that they can work on many levels.


I was expecting Batman & Robin…


This is fantastic! Also, I love the possibly intentional connection drawn visually between cave paintings of hunters and xkcd.


Excellent to see Scott McCloud has a worthy heir and these art forms are getting their due respect.


Awesome! I know a dude whose dissertation in rhetoric is a rap album. I’m loving these interesting ideas about what a dissertation should look like…


link now.




I had trouble getting my dissertation approved because someone in the Graduate Office didn’t like the shape of some of the letters in the font I used. Times have obviously changed.


Does anyone know if he was awarded an Ed.D or Ph.D? If it’s a Ph.D, then spectacular. If it’s an Ed.D, meh.


It is an Ed.D. However, he evidently also has a B.S. in math, so don’t dismiss him altogether.


Well, normally I’m dismissive of Ed.D’s (I’m a teacher), but my m-e-h was really about how an Ed.D is more likely to allow some latitude and creativity in a dissertation. A Ph.D has pretty rigid guidelines at most, if not all, notable academic institutions. So letting a Ph.D. do something creative would be spectacular and maybe unheard of?

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