Kickstarting a gorgeous, thoughtfully designed hardcover notebooks for RPG campaigns

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Stuff like this always has me torn. It’s beautifully done and it’s a sure sign that the hobby is thriving. But then the beauty of D&D is that you can sit down make something completely unique and awesome with any old notebook, pencil, and feverish imagination.


I agree, I’m the type that gets paralyzed by a fancy sketchbook, and all my best work is on the back of a folded meeting agenda…


Same. Though I do appreciate a good Moleskine. To get over my stage fright in using nice notebooks I’ve taken to ruining the first page with a big X in Sharpie. Once it’s trashed, I can feel better about ruining it further with grungy dungeoncraft.


A journal for the 5th Edi…

…aaaaaaand, you lost me.

This cover, from the Kickstarter video, looks quite appealing:

But the proof of concept cover, shown at the beginning of Cory’s post, is horrendous:

So I’m glad they scrapped the PoC’s PoS typeface.

But are they calling it the Dungeon Master’s Tome or the Game Master’s Tome? I’m pretty sure there will be some lawful evil Lawyers for Wizards of the Coast ready to cast a few Cease & Desist spells if “Dungeon Master” is used.

It’s the Game Master’s Tome. They changed the name to avoid litigation.

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for the love of god, please hire someone with some basic design skills and knowledge of things like printing margins and bleeds to lay it out.

I suffer from blank notebook paralysis, so any old notebook works just as well.

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A5? Really???
What were they thinking…

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