Art opening delayed after rotting fish artwork catches fire

These days? Abso-fucking-lutely.


If there were security footage of them bursting into flames, I think that could constitute art.


Not to mention Fire Goby, flame angelfish


Are you shivering with anticip-p-p-pation right now?


I’m gonna be n the Amazon River starting this Friday…I’ll keep watch for the art show, hell in the past I just thought they were dead fish and they stunk…who knew.

Performance art!!

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But it’s certainly not very cinematic.

Volatile organics resulting from bacterial decomposition and potassium permanganate? What could possibly go wrong?

It’s not the fish specifically that are the problem, it’s the rot.

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Great, now you want exploding boxes of rotting fish…

I realize that it has other uses; but I always though that its relatively zesty powers of oxidation were the most common reason for it to be worth mentioning. Oh, WHO Model List of essential medicines; that is decent of you. Set things on fire you say? Pray tell!

Is it common to use the stuff as a preservative? (especially in art contexts where it’s fairly dramatic staining seems like it might not be a virtue?)

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From my time in the animal byproduct industry I can tell you that fishmeal is considered to be flammable (due to the high oil content) and when shipped must have a hazardous cert proclaiming this.

Those wacky Surrealists…

A fish burns from the head down.




Used to use that on bleeding dog claws when I worked in vet clinics. Never knew it was flammable!

Wow, so they paid a person to staple bags of rotting fish to a board, and called it art?

I think I might have found a new part-time job, guys!

I can also throw socks, pile up random furniture from the local Goodwill and even cut holes into boards that kinda look like faces!

Typical. Bloody civil servants getting freebies. I never get invited to these kind of pop-up art events.


“Art and visitors stink after three days.”
Benjamin Franklin

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