Jellyfish tank in derelict building


Anyone taking bets on how long it takes to get vandalized or destroyed?

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I wonder - if I was a brilliant artist with a hefty commission, how would I go about getting permission to do this? Does City Hall control buildings like that, or an absentee landlord, or a CDC, or who?

I thought that “brilliant artist” and “hefty commission” were mutually exclusive?

Screw permission. Pull a Banksy.

You don’t pull a Banksy with hundreds of tons of water - especially if it’s seawater and not just the hose. Also, some of us would have qualms about endangering living things - even icky ones.

Also also, the intersection of “brilliant artist” and “hefty commission” is “artist I thought was brilliant but now consider a sellout.”

Use artificial jellyfish. No moral quandary regarding wildlife, no seawater needed. Much simpler!

Truly you are a brilliant artist. Where do I send the check? Wait… noooooo!

Ah, no, see… I’m just the consultant.

Also, they were supposed to inform you that I only accept payment in solid gold yachts.

Incidentally, the name of this piece references a work by Damien Hirst.

i was just thinking I would never really get a fish tank again but would love to have a Jellyfish tank because it lacks the moral quandary of keeping animals with a central nervous system in glass cube.

Yeah, that’s digital. Made from monitors. They stole the idea from me:

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