Charming tiny fish pond art inside Altoids tins


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Do not eat!


No one could label your message as being koi.



I saw an oppor-tuna-ty and I went for it.


I smelt puns coming as soon as I clicked on this thread.


Salmon should do something about these puns. I’m sure there’s a time and plaice for cracking jokes but these are seriously just floundering. They’re so bad they’re hurting my sole. Maybe it’s time to reinstitute carp-oral punishment?


It’s people like you who encourage them by taking the bait.


Alright! @jhharvest whalin’ on us with the puns!


Their pizza earrings are really on point


@hecep Pure codswallop! I’m just trying to tackle the serious issue of crappie puns. If you imply otherwise I’ll have your head on a pike!

Anyway, it’s just a red herring, to distract us from the school. Time to end this, or as the French would say: ‘Fin!’


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