Fish suddenly eats tankmate


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always have to be careful with large fish. You never know what other fish they may decide to snack on. Especially cichlids and gulper cats.


It’s a fish eat fish world.

also, this:


Yet for some reason when I do this the police get involved. Go figure.

  1. That tank is too small for even the one catfish. Get a 55gal at least.

  2. That gold fish it ate is pretty old and large. Probably from another tank. My dad keeps some in a small “pond” outside that is maybe 4 feet in diameter (not sure how deep… deep enough that it won’t completely freeze in the winter) and they get like 8" long or so. Maybe bigger. Not Koi big, but it’s a redneck pond on the cheap.


That other fish is just, “I’ll be up here. Forever.”





I wonder if Felix would eat Oscar, or would he be too unsanitary?


The tank doesn’t seem nearly big enough for both fish. The tank is barren as well, it needs rocks and nooks in there to give both fishes a space to go to. I’m also suspicious as to why this was being recorded in the first place.

Lastly i can’t really get behind the tone of the BB post. Seems to be cheering on what happened and i find this to be animal cruelty, whomever the owner is is either negligent and incompetent, or they set this up on purpose which i find horrible.


Why is the photographer filming at this particular moment, anyway?


Let’s not even get into Three’s Company…


How is fish eating other fish - as they would as God intended - animal cruelty?

Though I agree it needs a bigger tank. It is at least properly aerated.

He has a webcam with the click baity title “See these wet, slippery mama’s go at it!”


Looks like catfish was a little weighted down after that meal.


The little fish was definitely acting freaked out. A housemate had a similar experience with his hamsters.


It’s a fish eat fish world, man.

Sounds like you’ve been run over by the Bambi syndrome.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

I don’t see the sense of setting up this scenario when there’s no need for it. Would you give your own dog or cat live animals?


Who’s driving the tank now!?


Tank Girl.


OH man, I straight up murdered a poor bambi with my car a few weeks ago. Just ran right into me!

If my cat went after a mouse or my dog a rabbit I wouldn’t stop it.

Never own reptiles or tarantulas. You have to feed them life crickets or meal worms and rats or mice for the snakes.

I’ve heard hamsters will kill and eat other hamsters… I’ve seen a squirrel much on a mouse and deer eat birds. And fish eat ducklings. Herbivores will grab a protein snack if they can.