Arthur Rankin Jr., 1924–2014



You are idiots. He died January 30, 2014. Do you ever read the news, or do you wait 10 months before you report it?

That’s some pretty intense criticism.

There might be a more tactful way to point out that Mr. Rankin did, in fact, pass back in January, and that it was widely reported at the time.

Of course, perhaps Rob’s been on the Isle of Misfit Toys all this time, and just heard the news.

Yep. Missed it then, heard it today, posted it now.

We’ve always ignored the ‘this is old news’ angry robots, hardly going to start worrying about them now.

i somehow missed it, too, and i’m sad to hear it, old news or not. RIP, good sir. your work brought joy to my childhood, and continues to color my life.

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Sorry, I’m just so tired of people posting inaccurate news items, hoaxes, and old stories. No one checks anything before they post stuff.

For a minute, I was thinking “Jesus, dead for 10 months in the Caribbean and they just now found his body? How horrible!”

My wife is in three different dead pools, I never miss out on the who died today news.

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